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Default Is this price fair...

Hi all!

I just bought a 05 volvo xc70 2.5 turbo and I noticed that last time it had a timing belt / tensioner / pulley and water pump was 105,000 miles ago. Then the drive belt / drive belt tensioner were done 78,000 miles ago. So I have been looking to get both of those things done...

timing belt
timing belt tensioner
timing belt pulley
water pump
drive belt
drive belt tensioner.

parts total: 300.00 supposedly all blue box...

...and the cheapest place I have found to do it (parts + labor) is 1,300.00. So my question is... Is that really the going rate to do both the timing belt and drive belt with a new water pump. I live in New Hampshire, near Concord.


Oh yeah, I forgot, I have the water pump, water pump gasket, and the water pump bolts, (all volvo blue box) they were in a box along with a new volvo leak detection pump in the back of the car when I bought it.


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Yes, a full timing belt service will run about $300 in parts. Labor is usually quoted by book hours and can have some variables including servicing the water pump, whether you need the cam seals replaced (VVT gears complicate things ) etc. There are also some costs like coolant etc to add to the box parts. Do you know what your shop is quoting for their hourly rate? (for me the dealer is about $135 and my indy is about 100 so that suggests 6-8 hours of tech time depending on what tasks are being included).
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Old 01-08-2017, 07:27 PM
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Thanks for your feedback mt6127, it was much appreciated. Even though I found out by asking different shops in my area that the price I was quoted was fair I decided that I would attempt to do the work myself. I figured that I would sooner or later have to learn to take care of the basic matinice myself so why not start doing that now.So I drove down to Rhode Island and bought all the parts and tools that I needed from Tasca. The guy was like... your going to do this yourself, and I was like, I'm going to try, LOL! I guess they thought a chick couldn't do something like that. Anyhow all the parts (timing kit / water pump / all new timing belt mounting and water pump bolts / drive belt / drive belt tensioner and tensioner mounting bolts / front and rear canshaft seals and crankshaft seal + tools / tool 999-5452 camshaft locking tool / tool 999-5455 install crankshaft seal / tool 999-5718 install VVT intake and exhaust seal / 999-5451 crankshaft locking tool) cost me $584.60. Today, I got everything torn apart and did the front seals on the crank and both VVT cams. Tomorrow I will finish it. But right now I am just stuck on the Drive belt tensioner. My old Drive belt tensioner pulley has grooves and the new one has no grooves, it smooth. I talked to a few local volvo techs yesterday and they are kind of at a loss because none of them could remember any Drive belt tensioner for my make and model volvo ever having grooves on the Drive belt tensioner. They all said the idler pulley / with no AC has grooves but not the tensioner. Well after showing them my Drive belt tensioner pulley none of them seem to know why my Drive belt tensioner has grooves. Anyway, for now I am just going to change the Drive belt tensioner but I am going to take my old pulley off my old Drive belt tensioner and mount it on the new Drive belt tensioner that has a smooth pulley. As a side note... so as to ask anyone who might know why my old Drive belt tensioner pulley has grooves... the old Drive belt tensioner has VOLVO stamped on the pulley bearing race, and right next to it it say RUVILLE 94973??, I can't make out the last two numbers. Anyhow... hopefully I will figure it out tomorrow so I don't have to take the darn thing apart again a week or two...

Have Fun
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