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GJS 09-12-2018 07:26 AM

2003 XC70 price
Hi, new here so not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question.
I have a 2003 XC 70 w/ 60K on it, in very good condition. The dealer is offering what to me seems like a low trade in on a new model XC60 and I was wondering what it is really worth.
Thanks and if this needs to be moved to a different forum let me know.

tony1963 09-12-2018 08:31 PM

The problem that you have is an older car with low mileage. A car being 16 years old with that kind of mileage most people will not believe or be willing to pay that much more extra. If we had that car on the lot, we would price it at $5995. That means that I wouldn't put more than about $4,000 into it and I'd have to hope that the right buyer came along.

GJS 09-13-2018 08:18 AM

Thanks Tony,
I understand. Being the original owner i could easily document the mileage. As it has always been garaged it is in great shape, both mechanically and cosmetically.
Thanks again.

tony1963 09-13-2018 10:19 AM

It is much easier to sell a vehicle with mileage appropriate to the age of the vehicle. In people's mind, they wonder why someone would not drive a perfectly good car.

I do not recommend holding out for top dollar. Someone will find it interesting that the car has low mileage, but with age comes a lot of service items that will need caught up. I've had people buy older low mileage cars and then bring them in for service. While we find the vehicle clean, we typically find a whole host of items that have never been serviced.

Today low mileage is not necessary an asset on an older vehicle.

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