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stowepotato 09-16-2018 01:35 PM

Where is my post?
On 9-12-18 I posted about a backup camera for my S60. I don't see where it ended up or how anyone could see it and respond. i finally found it in subscriptions.
While searching I also note that posts are not always in chronological order.

What am I doing wrong?

mt6127 09-24-2018 01:10 PM

the system tends to flag new posts when they have attachments or URLs for moderator review and approve. Moderators are a volunteer army so we don't always see things to approve right away, particularly for threads that wind up in the lesser used forums. Moderators can move threads from one forum to another to help get you in front of the appropriate audience. I found your post in the "New Members Area". You need to be in a specific area first to post directly to that area. Let me know if you'd like a lift over to the S60 forum or to "General Volvo Chat"

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