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Van-Bjerg 10-10-2017 04:47 PM

06 xc70 steering issue
Hi, everyone, I just bought and 06 xc70, that has something going on with the steering. When making a turn at medium to high speeds the resistance in the steering momentarily becomes extremely light. This happens anytime a steering adjustment is made during the turn. Also this only happens when the steering wheel is turned more than about 20 degrees, it doesn't happen with small adjustments while going relatively strait and is most pronounced at freeway speeds. I talked to the man I bought it from right away and he said that he hadn't noticed anything unusual (he has owned the car since it was new) and that it was just how Volvos drive. I personally have my doubts and suspect that something is wrong with the power steering system.
PS fluid is full and there are no dripping leaks. The car was checked out by a reputable Volvo mechanic before the purchase, and nothing was mentioned. Any ideas??
Alignment is good, and the wheel does not jerk due to road surface changes.
Tires are new, as are the brakes, rotors and the control arm bushings.

Van-Bjerg 10-12-2017 09:07 AM

Any ideas?
Anyone out there have any ideas?

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