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Rob Leary 09-12-2018 12:39 PM

oil from the breather pipe on the rocker / valve cover D4204T engine
Hi all,
I have located a very small oil leak on my 2.0d (d4204t) which appears to be partially leaking around the bottom of the breather pipe where it connects to the air inlet pipe to the turbo (just above)
Initially I thought it was my turbo on its way out as I first as found oil making its way around the rest of the system after exiting the compressor, but after removing pipes etc, and checking for any play or float on the compressor side (very minimal) , I continued to remove the compressor housing, to check for any leaks relating to this and couldn't find any indication of oil coming from the shaft.
I inspected the air intake/breather pipes and found lots of old oil around these on the outside of the pipes which pointed towards the breather losing very small amounts of oil.
The breather pipe was in good condition and has no blockages

I plan to do a full service after work tomorrow after work as I don't know the history of the car and the oil is quite nasty, jet black... the engine will be flushed with a bit of diesel mixed with some clean oil in hope that this will help clear any possible blockages in the oil journals, before draining and refilling with new oil and filters.

has anyone had any issues with the breather losing oil on this series engine, that could offer any advice?

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