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In and Out of “Limp Home Mode”

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Default In and Out of “Limp Home Mode”

It’s about 10 miles door to door from home to work. I drive a 2000 S80 2.9 that has just turned 177K. This morning on my way to work at roughly the 5 mile point, the car went into what I can only guess was Limp Home Mode. I was pulling off from a light, the tachometer pegged at 2600 RPM, there were no MIL lights or other dash lights, but the car would not go any faster than about 15 MPH no matter how hard I pressed the gas pedal. And the really strange thing was that the engine did not rev like it would have if the transmission was slipping.

So I “limp” through the intersection, the road was posted at 50 MPH, and find a place to pull off the road about 800 yards ahead. I pop the trunk expecting to find a broken belt, hose, a leak or something but after about a 15 minute visual inspection I can find nothing obvious wrong. So I get back into the car and turn the key just enough to unlock the gears, cycle the gears a few times then restart the engine. As I pumped the gas pedal, the engine now revs as it should, the tachometer climbs and falls, and everything seems normal, so I continue on to work without further incident.

Now I have owned this car since 2003 and this is the first time this has happened to me. I have been driving this Volvo long enough to know that this was not due to an atmospheric phenomenon or planet alignment, but an indication that I’m about to pay big bucks (again). If I take the car in for a diagnostic, I’m sure the dealer will find something wrong, regardless of whether or not it has anything to do with the problem I experienced.

So my question is this, what can I check and/or replace to ensure that this does not happen again when I’m out on some lonely road, on a Sunday, in the pouring rain, at midnight, miles from home and/or a repair shop. (This is my usual breakdown scenario.)
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Default Help for unknown problems

I have a 2005 V70. The message center started giving lots oferroneous messages which would clear themselves. Finally I got the CEL. Using my OBD II fromHarbor Fright I got data link error thus could not read codes or reset them.Used a newer OBD II same error. Took it to mechanic and after day and a half hesaid he was able to clear the codes. Drove home (2.1 miles) and used my OBD IIreader but would not link. Few minutes later the CEL came back. Checking for OBD II found this one “Scan Tool 423001 ElmScan5”. It issoftware based thus you need a computer to run the scanner. Only $24.19 and free shipping with AmazonPrime. This will show you all the parameters on your vehicle as it is runningalso clear all codes. Will show if all flags have been reset. This is a must ifyou need to get an emission check after clearing codes. Too much to list all that it does do on linesearch for OBD scanners but get one thatis computer based. This one did link tomy Volvo V70. Just join the club so you may not need this info anymore. Hope it helps you or others.
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Default In and Out of “Limp Home Mode

When was the last time you service the throttle body in your car ?

I don't say that's the problem, But I have service many S80 whit the same problem, du to dirty throttle body. May pay to inspect yours.
On normal conditions Volvo recommends this service every 30K. also check your Air filter and Fuel filter.
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