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bimbobarbie 01-31-2008 08:49 AM

S80 Misfiring on start
This is my first post so I am hoping for some friendly advice
I have an S0 2.8T6 Executive
It was running fine and decided that at 86,000 I would put the car in for its 90,000 mile service with a cambelt change etc, I was shocked at the price from Volvo at £700. I found a reputable indepenedant garage at a cost of £585. The service was duly carried out on 17.01.08 and I picked up the car and it was running fine. The next morning when trying to start the car it was coughing and spluttering and misfiring.
The garage picked up the car and today they have stated that there is some melted to the bottom of the spark plugs and that some had been arcing, they also said that they thought the car had been hunting when they got it, however the car was running fine before the service. They have promised that trhey will fix it but I am looking for advice as to what it could be as my wife and children are mainly in the car and need some advice for peace of mind.

A further follow up

The garage are doing all the checks they can they have stated that:-
The car only misfires from a cold start for approx 30 seconds then runs fine, but when left to go cold overnight continues again the runs fine
They have checked the timing put a cleaning derivative in with the petrol as Rybrook Volvo stated that it may be sticking valves or lifters this has not cured the problem
They have checked all temp monitors and they are working fine
They have checked the coil pack and that is fine
They have checked the petrol pressures and they are fine
They have contacted Rybrook Volvo who stated that they have had this problem once before but cannot remember what it was
They have contacted a company locally called Merseyswede who have worked on 100's of S80's but have never had this problem
They have had an engine builder look at the timing as they stripped it down and replaced all was well, then the next morning misfiring again
Please can anybody give any suggestions or has anybody had this problem
The garage are going to contact a company who manufacture the electronic management units to see if they have any suggestions
They have read the car for all codes and none are appearing

In summary the car will misfire when starting from cold for approx 30 seconds then will run perfect, but it will do this every time from cold

Once again anybody any suggestions as we have now been without a car for over 5 days and are getting desperate thanks[/align]

I am sorry for the length of this post but if anyone can give me some ideas they will be appreciated. By the way the car was last serviced at 80,680 miles at a Volvo dealer

I am now getting desperate can anybody give me any helpful advice

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