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randomdude 02-03-2019 02:09 PM

Reliability and Size Difference to the XC40
Hey guys, I have never owned a Volvo but have always heard about their safety being top notch. I am reading about about reliability and it seems they aren't rated as high for reliability as they are for safety. Am I reading the wrong articles? We want a car we can keep for as long as possible, we keep cars till they aren't drivable anymore lol. I have only owned american cars up until my newest toyota camry purchase. none of my american cars made it past 150k miles, thats the reason for the toyota purchase lol.

My wife is in need of a new car, or used. The XC40 and 60 are very nice. Just curious what the reliability ratings are on the 60's ( i know the 40's are new so the verdict isn't out yet) and if there are any years that I should not buy if I go the used route.

Also, is there a difference in the back cargo space between the 40 and 60? We have a golden retriever so he needs some room back there lol.

Tanks for any input guys. Maybe we will be in the Volvo family soon? Gonna go check out some Lexus' also, I have heard those are known to be very reliable vehicles.

xgman 02-06-2019 01:53 PM

I have a 40 60 and have had the 90. I find that any new high tech car is going to have problems period. (I've also had several other brands last few years) The more high tech the more issues will crop up. That said they can fix most with software. But with any of these you will get to know your service rep. It just goes with the territory. Closer to the base models probably more reliable, but less fun. Buy the car you like the best.

KellyfromVA 02-07-2019 06:05 PM

My wife and I were really excited at the reviews of the new XC40. Our local dealer got one in and we took it for a test drive. Granted our opinion, but neither of us were impressed. Even though the same engine as the XC-60, the 40 seemed buzzy, and seemed like the shifts were jerky and constantly happening. What I really didn't like was that stupid tablet interface to control things like the heater controls. Messing with stupid tabs via a tablet while driving is distracting and dangerous. Ultimately we bought a 'certified' XC-60, which my wife really likes.
Our XC-90 has been very reliable. To me, if you keep up on the maintenance, you can see 300,000 miles before anything major happens.

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