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2004 2.9 s80 3k review

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Default 2004 2.9 s80 3k review

<SPAN class=posttext>Readers: </P>

&gt; Not to complain but:
&gt; i bought a 2004 s80 2.9 partially based on the magazine
&gt; reviews (5) who are supposed to be smarter than me, 3 owners who i know but were not picky consumers, interviewing service mgrs and a test drive(s), I wanted a "bigger" sedan for family trips, etc. Away I went.

I'm also aware of " buyer beware", so my problem, but
&gt; have only 3,000 miles on it and am contemplating selling it
&gt; this summer. What a waste and major disappointment!

&gt; As I stand now, athough i want to like it, Overall biggest piece of crap i ever owned!!!!!!!!!! though it does look good.

Should have bought a used lexus 2002/3 es300 with 25k for
&gt; less money as originally planned, But they had that accelleration DBWire
&gt; issues which i couldn't got past. Also thought new car
&gt; would be better over used and I thought I bought for
&gt; decent price point. Nondescript styling though, same interior as the volvo/ good headroom.
&gt; let your readers know the following. the real list is
&gt; much bigger. It does have some, nice things / roomy, and several more etc, but killers are:
&gt; 1. car does not hold small upgrade/hill by design (is in
&gt; neutral?). Even dangerous. Can't be fixed, back to parking break and can't let my kid drive.

&gt; 2. rear suspension is non-existent over small bumps, not craters / and evey some expansion joints in conc. pavement, cannot drink a soda in the back seat w/o spilling. Worse than a truck, no solution.

&gt; 3. nowhere near the mileage as published, thirsty 197 hp engineand i have a light foot.17/23, hopefully may improve. Comparible vehicles have same weight, better engines.

&gt; 4. brake dust on wheels is a deal killer for me,
&gt; have to maintain every week,
&gt;this is ridiculas. after market pads may void warranty. stentor rim design is terrible, too many spokes. no real solution.

&gt; 5. sounds like a truck when accellerating,
&gt; hums/winds, up/down like the little train that couldn't. big
&gt; engine no torque. Not even complaining about the 2.9, wanted a little more ecomony, Sounds like a ford is a ford?

&gt; 6. turning radius is terrible. need 60 wide street to do u-turn. No solution.

&gt; 7. trim quality is horrible, esp around windows. "The closer you look the better? we look? Can't magine in 2 yrs what it will look like / perform. No solution

&gt; 8. 10k between each brake pad replacement is absurd. See 4

&gt; 9. many more blind spots than what you could imagine
&gt; at pillars and side mirrors, esp in rear. No solution

&gt; 10. trunk deceivingly too small and not high enough
&gt; to hold 2 sets of golf clubs sideways with carts for a
&gt; big car. Bring fewer clubs

&gt; 11. left foot is like in a sprinters position when
&gt; driving. Brake pedal and gas too close together with dress shoes. No solution

&gt; 12.My 10 year old maxima with 186k rides and is
&gt; better than this piece of crap. They should have used its engine. Please investigate

&gt; 13. Console/dashboard/radio?/cupholders needs to be
&gt; ergonomically reviewed. Cant figure out how to retreive anything in slide window except with childs hand. After 5 years with same model, i guess same issues.

&gt; 14. Customer care just a big data base for complaints,nothing to do for resolution.

&gt; 15. Too expensive to repair/maintain based on relative costs and other manuf. Can you imagine that i am mentioning that with 47k to go on warrantee?

&gt; 16. Where did the 700 new improvements from the 2003
&gt; to the 2004 go?

&gt; 17. on and on, tired
Am i imagining these things, have tried to like it? Any reply from previous s80 users or a volvo rep to change my opinion would be helpful to me making a decision already made.

Your opinion will be appreciated.

Volvo for life? Maybe all they have is the saftey issue although most have manuf's have caught up by now.

&gt; Thanks
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Default RE: 2004 2.9 s80 3k review

Did you even test drive the car before buying it? You probably should have researched the car a little more before purchasing it. I am sorry that you are not happy with the S80. The T6 is a much nicer car-better engine and many extras. I am surprised that the suspension is rough, the S80 has a very plush suspension that is often criticized for being too soft and not sporty enough. Good Luck!

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