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----EL POWER SYSTEM Service Required?----

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Default ----EL POWER SYSTEM Service Required?----

I have a 99 S80 T6. Every so often when I start my car in the morning the computer reads El Power System Service Required. It only shows for about 5 seconds then dissappears. I don't know what this means, iv'e tried to find this online but havn't found a single thing about it. My car seems to be running just fine, I'm just curious to know what the heck this means. Anyone with any clue please help. Thanks
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Default RE: ----EL POWER SYSTEM Service Required?----

El Power System Service must have bought the Spanish

Naw, its for Electrical Power System Service.....Have your Battery/Alternator checked out.
Old 05-15-2008, 06:22 PM
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Default RE: ----EL POWER SYSTEM Service Required?----

Have the battery and charging system checked.
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Default EL. Power System Service Required

I got this same message on my way home from work and was able to make it home without any problems.

This morning my car was dead.

Cash is tight and so I've been researching repair options or reasons why this error message would appear and it seems like either the voltage regulator or the alternator needs to be replaced.

Can anyone let me know more about this issue? Am I safe just replacing the voltage regulator?
Old 01-20-2010, 09:28 PM
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Default Ditto, but with slightly different circumstances

I received the "EL. SYSTEM SERVICE NEEDED" alert message today as well. There's a ridiculous amount of fog and haze so possibly there's a weather issue? I changed my spark plugs yesterday, and it drove just fine (famous last words!) until this morning on the highway. First came the "DRIVE SLOW-SERVICE URGENT," then the "EMISSIONS SYSTEM SERVICE NEEDED" alert flashed and "EL. SYSTEM SERVICE NEEDED" started shortly thereafter when I exited the highway. I had the cruise control on doing my usual 60mph and it would lurch and bog then take off. During lunch I took out the new plugs(one by one to avert any possibility of jumbling the wires) and adjusted the gap down to 30. After all were adjusted I put everything back together and did a hard reset by crossing the battery terminals for a few minutes. It ran beautifully 'till I had to do some more driving this evening. Now I'm in the "EL. SYSTEM SERVICE NEEDED" boat that lurches and bogs just like I described above. Any thoughts? Should I consider shelling out for a new alternator, or do these circumstances change anything?
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I Got the same problem on 01 S60 as soon as i installed 2 amps and 1 capacitor. Probably just draining too much power. Before that was all good. Battery is like 2 years old.

Any advice to solve this ?
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So, about 5,000 miles after my 105,000 service, I'm driving into Canada and my car shuts down while driving about 45 MPH. The ANTI-SKID SERVICE REQUIRED message appears and my car stalls completely, stiff steering wheel, the whole bit. I pull over and attempt to start my car, it wont start. I turn off the STC light after turning the key just where the lights come on, then the car turns over. I drive for a short distance and experience the same stall. Then the EL. POWERSYSTEM SYSTEM REQUIRED message appears. Now my car won't turn over at all. After waiting awhile (15 minutes maybe?) the car starts up again. Since this has happened, I took my car in and had the battery changed. Now the car continues to do the same thing over and over, starting with the ANTI-SKID SERVICE REQUIRED message then followed by the EL. POWERSYSTEM SYSTEM REQUIRED message.

The service shop says they want to change out the brake module because this is the module reading the errors.

Is this really just an issue of a voltage regulator and if so how much does it cost? Why the anti-skid message?
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Electrical Power System Service..... message comes up and my car shut down at hwy. speed. 15-30 minutes later I can restart it and it runs for another 30-45 km and it does it again.


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Default Also got the famous EL POWER SYSTEM SERVICE

started with just that a couple days ago , the the famous message, thought nothing big of it maybe just a alternator ,,looked it up damn they cost a lot I was assuming maybe $80-100 but noooo... So idk the fix just asking if it's out there please respond to this .....,,,,, is it the regulator , alternator ,, a new computer for it ,,,a short some where idk please and thanks
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The more I read on these cars the sooner I want to flip my S80 as fast as possible lol.
Alternator was draining my battery, going to get the thing together and seriously consider selling it before these types of issues come to haunt me.

Anyways, you can test the alternator you know...
Also check grounds. I removed and cleaned all the grounds on my S80. They painted underneath them any rely on a now old, rusted and oxidized bolt to ground the electrical. Stupid if you ask me.
I removed all paint under the grounds. removed any oxidization off the ground connections themselves and shined up the bolts too and put them back. Still have to do the ground on the engine side and ill do the mounts for the alternator when I replace it too since it grounds to the engine. Probably do the starter ground also just because, and the one in the trunk too just because.

I wont even begin to help you with a electrical service message until you clean off every single ground you can possibly find. Start there, also tip disconnect the battery while doing this guys don't short something out and blame me for it later. I take no responsibility if you guys break anything.
While your doing grounds check the positive cable ends. Look for green corrosion, if its gotten quite bad replace the cable or attempt to clean. 1 of my 2 positive cables under the hood that goes to my fuse box (the other cable is for the starter/alternator) had green ends, not to bad but they were still starting to green with corrosion.

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