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Default sterring/alighnment

ok i noticed since i had the car that it pulls slightly to the right.. last wekk i took it to volvo for the 120000 mile service. (500 bucks) while i was there i had them install the two missing radio ***** (about $8) the right headlight cause the bracket was broken (about $400) the rear view mirror cause it was broken (about $500) some link in the rear end was busted ($46) + alighnment (about $50) replaced the siren ($ dont remember) replaced the key unlocker thing and fix the alarm (about 120 + programing) changed the boost selonoid ($ dont remember) and some other stuff total cost was $2400. but i just got the car and wanted to fix EVERYTHING all at once. i paid 7000 out the door for the car plus this 2400 and she is SWEET! however even after the alighnment it still pulls slightly to the right.. i remember some car used to set it up like that so if you fall asleep you drift off the side of the road and not into traffic.. does volvo do this or should i take it back and tell em they screwed it up? thanks
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Default RE: sterring/alighnment

I would have them check it again. It should roll nice and straight.

If its not the alignment I would check the tires, then brakes. A local tire shop could inspect the tires for any faults (A friend of mine had the same problem and it was a warped tire. Replaced it and it was good). Look for telltale signs of a stuck caliper - much more brake dust on one particular wheelversus the same one on the other side.

It would be nice if it is just the alignment.
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Default RE: sterring/alighnment

Yea I had a fiarly similar problem though not as pronounced as you... eventually it was that my right rear tyre was pretty warped so i changed 2 tyres, rotated and aligned for good measure... as good as new now...

Comparing your costs to mine, 6 mponths ago i paid $7800 out the door for my s80 97,000 miles, so far have spent about 300 on it, and im about to do the timing belt job etc, so i guess fairly similar in terms of costs... I still love this car and have no regrets buying it high mileage to be able to afford it

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