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What is a "J hose vacuum leak"?

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Default What is a "J hose vacuum leak"?

Hi, ive been visiting this forum for a bit, but have never posted.

Recently, I went to the dealership to get the throttle control recall done, and hopefully find out why my check engine light was on for free with the recall instead of paying 90 dollars for them to check lol

Anyways, they told me after doing the recall, they told me I had a lose tie rod and also had "vacuum leaks" and the "j hose" needed replacing. Ill take care of the tie-rod myself, but I have no real idea what the Jhose is. All I could get off of google was from a mercedes site and that it was related to transmission. It mentioned "hissing" noise which can indicate a "vacuum leak", which I do hear now and then.

Anyways, I was just wondering how serious of an issue is it(is it important to get it fixed ASAP?) and is their estimate of $375 too obnoxious(for example they want to change my tie rod for $300 which is obnoxious to me, since I can get the part for $50 or less and do it myself in an hour or so.

Any info on this would be appriciated.

Thanks in advance
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Default RE: What is a "J hose vacuum leak"?

Usually the J-hose is the one on the charcol canister.
Do you hear a vaccum leak under the hood?

If you hear a hissing noise in the cabin at times driving it is most likely the brake booster going bad.
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Default RE: What is a "J hose vacuum leak"?

When I pop the hood and the car is idleing, I dont really hear anything out of the ordinary. But say im backing out of a parking spot, or im making a 3 point turn, or driving in the city(stop and go and lots of turning), I can hear a sort of humming/whistling/hissing sort of noise(its hard to describe the noixe) when the wheel is turning and im at low speeds. I can hear the noise when inside the car, but its louder outside the car if that makes any sense, so I dont think it is brake related.

I checked the power steering fluid and transmission fluids the other day, and they were both kind of low, so I topped them up incase they were related from the noise seeming to come from when the wheel turns.

Id like to take it to the dealership just to sort it all out, but to be honest, I hate going to any service station unless its absolutely neccesary, since they always charge an arm and a leg, and I can usually do the work myself.

Anyways, thanks for the reply.

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