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Old 10-31-2011, 08:27 PM
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Default 940 Parts Interchange??

Hey folks,

My volvo cherry is still being broken, so, be gentle with me.

I picked up this 1994 940 over the summer. Great deal, needed an engine, no problem. So far, everything has been super easy. I haven't run into any mechanical walls that I couldn't overcome.

The ease and simplicity are making me think, this car isn't going anywhere for a while. It's like my Fox Mustang and Old Tracer got together and the offspring inherited only the best traits. I missed those cars, until this 940. I want this car to look good, for the long haul. I already know it really moves, so I'm not too concerned with power.

Now, what I really want......

I need to know everything that interchanges from other volvo models. I am sure that many of you have found different parts that can swap between them.

I am most interested in cosmetic stuff. Engine internals are simple, drivetrain isn't too tough to work with either. The only qualm that have is the short supply of more stylish body accessories. I have noticed that the 850 looks quite similar to the 940 and that 850R front bumper would look **** on my 9... Anyone think it will fit?

OK, not just cosmetic, how about brakes?
Turbo stuff?
etc etc.....everything and anything

Anything you can offer would be great!!!! There are no bad ideas!!!


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Old 10-31-2011, 08:39 PM
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No, the majority of the parts aren't interchangeable. The 940 and 850 look similar but they are very different. The 940 has a 4 cyl. engine and it's RWD. The 850 has a 5 cyl. engine and it's FWD.
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Old 10-31-2011, 10:32 PM
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940 will interchange with 960, s90, v90 (Wagon), and 740. That's it. Pretty much nothing from a FWD platform.
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Old 11-01-2011, 01:43 AM
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and 740/940/760/960 that have the integral fog lamps have a different grill, and different hood than the ones without integral fog lights. further, the integral fog lights, some of the cars have an aluminum hood that half covers the wipers, without the normal cowl vents, while others have the standard cowl. so thats 3 different hoods.

the 740 sedans had way different rear windows and trunks, flat/square, while the 940 sedans gained a deeper trunk, and more sloped rear window. the wagons, OTOH, were almost unchanged, except the usual year by year minor mechanical changes.

740's from 1991 and 92 are just about identical to the same year 940s. except the 940SE is really a 960. the 760/940se/960 have significantly different electrics and dashboard innards. of course, the regular 760 was a V6 (but the turbo 760 had the same engine as the 740/940 turbo). and the 960 is an inline 6.

the last year 960s (1996?) and the S/V90s from 97/98 have significantly modified exterior trimmings, different bumpers, skirts, side trim, window molding treatment, etc. they also use different offset wheels. Those last version wagons gained the IRS system similar to that previously used in the 960 sedans, too.
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