Brake light / turn signal / hazard light problem 02 v70

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Default Brake light / turn signal / hazard light problem 02 v70

Hi everyone,

I have a bizarre started with my brake lights not working - both incandescent bulbs quit at the same time (which is fishy to begin with), but the LED High Mount Stop Lamp still worked. Then, I noticed that the lights around the car would not illuminate when I locked it with the remote....

From here, it gets even more strange...

Hazard light reports multiple bulb failures...
While the hazard light switch is turned on, if I step on the brake, I get right turn signal failure message on the dash....left turn signal lights all blink, right turn signal lights are on solid.

Left turn signal switch on, I get no lights. Fast indicator with bulb failure for left turn signal....but with brake pedal pressed it works properly.
Right turn signal does not work at all, regardless of brake operation. When stepping on brake pedal, right turn signal light comes on solid, along with right side marker.
And at this point.....the brake lights seem to work, though now pressing the brake also turns on the right hand turn signal lights (solid, no blinking).

I called my mechanic and they said that they had sometimes seen the brake light relay go bad and replaced it with two relays....not sure how that is possible without a special adapter....

Anyway.....thoughts, anyone?


2002 v70 2.4T 154,000 miles
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Since posting, I've discovered that there was a recall on 2002 V70 and V70 XC....specifically "Recall Campaign No.131 Brake Light Relay", noted here:

and here:

Unfortunately, my vehicle is not within the specified chassis range of 246772 - 262414 or 244720 - is BEFORE either of those ranges....

However, it does have the relay part # 9494782, which is specified here to be replaced with two relays of a different type: "relay part number V30765030 at RMI5, AND IN ADDITION fitting a second relay part number V08651661 at relay position RMI6 (fog lamp/s)." from this site: V70 Brake Light Issues [Archive] - Volvo Owners Club Forum, also the same information is posted here: Brake Lights Gone... - Volvo Forum : Volvo Forums

Interestingly enough, the original Technical Service Bulletin calls for a quantity of two of the same relays, 8651661 as opposed to two different ones, notated above:

I'm planning to stop by the local dealership in the morning to sort this out and hopefully fix it....

For anyone needing a diagram of what relays are where, here you go:


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Default Made it to the dice

The dealer had part number V30765030 for RMI5, however they did not have the second relay part number V08651661 for relay position RMI6 (fog lamp/s) in stock. I replaced the larger relay with the smaller one at RMI5 and left RMI6 empty, but the same exact symptoms persist.

I do have a concern that I may have a wiring harness issue...I pulled the REM down to look at the wiring, and noticed that the yellow wire coming from RMI5 appeared to be annealed, as the insulation had bumps and ridges in it and was not it had overheated for a long period of time but not enough to blow a fuse or severely melt the insulation....if it has overheated, it very well could have shorted in another segment of the wiring harness against another wire....

Any ideas would be most appreciated.

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Default SOLVED! Brake light / turn signal / hazard light problem 02 v70

So, One of the first things I did when I noticed the turn signal issue was to check the fuse for that circuit - # 22 in the front driver side fuse block. This led me to investigate other possibilities, such as the relay, and the possibility of an overheated wire causing a short....

In looking at the schematics (which I found here with some help:, and the odd issue of the right turn indicator illuminating when I pressed the brake pedal, I decided to focus there first. I started to remove the wiring connector from the tail lamp and it appeared loose, which wasn't good. This may in fact be the cause of my problem! I couldn't really see what I wanted to see, so I proceeded to remove all of the trim panels required to remove the tail light assembly. Once free from the vehicle, I noticed exactly what I was looking for....the assembly had become so hot from the brake light bulb that it had the point of just BARELY shorting out the metal frame that the bulbs plug into (which explains why two completely separate circuits would allow the turn signal indicator to illuminate with the brake pedal pressed. With this assembly unplugged, still, none of the turn or hazard indicators worked. In looking at the wiring harness and the problem, everything pointed back to the front of the car, in the vicinity of the CEM. So I had the thought....let's check the fuse one more time.

BINGO! As I had stated before, I checked the fuse right off the bat and it appeared to be good (I confess, I was looking at it in the evening, holding it up to the light, and not with a meter - rookie mistake, but I'm generally pretty good at being able to discern a blown fuse without the aid of a meter). In fact, I do believe this is the FIRST time I've ever missed one via visual inspection... my eyes are getting older....I digress.

So, with the fuse replaced, I reconnected the tail light to see what would happen. With no lights plugged into the frame and the hazard lights on, the frame buzzed! Definitely need a new tail light....

Dealer part, special order, $150! (sigh)
eBay, $35.... (but buyer beware, considering this is generally not a repairable part)
junk yard....I'm guessing $75, but at least I can visually inspect it in person myself!

I asked the dealer if they had run into this before, and they said not as far as they knew - the particular person I spoke with said that they had sold one tail light assembly in 3 years....

So, anyway, word to the wise.....ALWAYS use a meter to check your fuses....


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One additional update.....within a few months, my brake lights quit working again. Was time for regular service and didn't have time to fool with it, so took it to my Indie shop. They told me it was indeed the relay issue outlined in the TSB, even though mine wasn't "included" by Volvo (shame on Volvo!!!). I gave them the relay I bought, and they put it in along with the other one, which hey kept in stock, and the problem was resolved.
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Really dirty circuit board with random use of left and right signals.

Cleaned it up with an eraser (and some electronic cleaner, but thats not needed)

Pulled out the turn light lever
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