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Cam locking tool fabrication

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Originally Posted by d33dvb View Post
Thank you so much for this writeup, could someone answer a few questions for me about it though?

I have a 94 850 turbo with no markings on the cams, during my mechanics repair of the head gasket, after removing the cams, the crank spun, and with no marks on the crank, they were stumped how to get it timed, they have given up, and I am going to attempt to time it back, will this tool allow it to be timed incorectly? Or if I use it, it will always be in time? I just am a bit confused, if someone could please explain what they would do to get my car back in time?
Here is a 4 part series on youtube that is awesome and should bring you up to speed on where you are so far. He amkes reference to some other tools as well which help in completing the total job as well.

Watch this
and you wil be able to better ask the specific questions I believe. There's a total of 5 videos in the four part series (part 3 has a second video just labeled as cont.)

Watch it all because this guy is pretty dang good mechanic even though he isn't focused only on volvos. I'm prepping for the same headjob as well and getting my tools and parts in order.

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it is quite helpful in getting it right and appreciate the share and the find as it is ok that each an everything is available on you tube yet falling on the desired shows is not always an easy task

Tevida Side Effects

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Originally Posted by Bobec View Post
Attachment 2089

Attachment 2090

Hold the bent vertical in the cam slot, mark and cut. Then hold the cut piece in the cam slot and mark a hole location that will allow a screw to attach the horizontal to the vertical. Because the stock is only 1" attention needs to paid to the screw heads. see pic from back side.

Attachment 2091

Drill hole in the vertical and use it to mark a hole in the horizontal.

Attachment 2092

yes... this motor was beeding big(BIG) time from it's cam seals. I can't wait to measure the cylinders.

Bolt the verticals to the horizontal with 10-32 or 10-24 and tighten every thing up. Worked well for me... hope it helps.

Gabe, don't build one(unless you really want to) I'll send you the one I made for the write up. An early graduation gift, just PM your shipping address. Yeah I still need those parts so I'll PM you.

PS... I almost forgot. another simple tool I made to remove the aux./serpintine belt. 10-24 screws in aluminum angle bought at Home Depot. Use washers though and tighten the screws well.

Attachment 2093

does aluminum works and hold the cam to tighten the vvt hub to 88lb/foot,or 8n this situation better use iron stock,please tell me your experience.
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Originally Posted by Melkisedek View Post
does aluminum works and hold the cam to tighten the vvt hub to 88lb/foot,or 8n this situation better use iron stock,please tell me your experience.
Do Not use aluminum. It will break. That VVT sprocket bolt is one though bolt to crack.

I just did the cam seals on our 01 V70 and had to make a tool from steel. Even 1/8" cold rolled steel will bend. 1/4" will not fit in the cam slot. I used the 1/8" anyway and was able to get it back together right. Next time though I will heat treat the 1/8" CRS using a MAP gas torch. Heat to cherry red and quench in water then temper should keep it from bending.

If you're doing cam seals keep in mind the two front seals are different. I found this out after I got the sprockets off and did not have the right seal for the VVT side. Fortunately O'Reilly sells and had in stock the front seal KIT. IMO the front seals should always be sold in kits.


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Default Cam locking tool - rear

Hello all, has any enterprising member of the forum prepared to make and sell a cam-shaft locking toosl for CVVT engines? I would certainly buy one for my 2001 V70 petrol engine.
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I really don't understand why everyone wants to hack together the proper tool for the job. The correct tool is relatively inexpensive and works perfectly. In addition, you get a great cylinder head cover installation tool all included in one.
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Default Postage

Thanks for the link Tony, unfortunatly I am in the UK and carraige is $110 on top of the $63 price
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