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Default Help.. Please!?

Alright so a new set of problems. On my way to work this morning started to smell alittle bit of gas when accelerating, not sure if it was from me or the beater infront of me. Got to work alirght, nothing out of the ordinary. After work on my way to my 2nd job, i started the car, it was about 90 out, had alittle trouble starting, didnt turn on after a few turns of the engine, took maybe 10 seconds or so, then finally idled up and went. went to go get gas, filled up from half a tank, still getting 24mpgs, opened the hood checked the coolant, still at a good level, which is good to know its not leaking, unplugged the maf while the car was idleing like suggested to do so. It almost died but fired back up and idled abut 1000 rpms until dipping to about 800 but wasn't any better really than before. Put the MAF sensor back on and it kept at 900 or so until i turned the car off and turned it back on then it went back to normal around 650ish.. Started driving to get lunch, normal traffic, in Mcdonalds drive through line to get a MCflurry, and smelled gas, looked under the car and was dripping gas/oil mixture, dark black/brown with milky feel and thick. Got outa the drive thorugh and drove to work, looked under the car. It was leaking from either the fuel filter or pump, not sure which, i think theyre both right next to eachother under the drivers seat under the car. There looked to be some sort of splatter as well as if when it initially happened it was sort of a burst, no apparent leak anywhere just dripping when car is on, stops when cars off. Pulled codes Still have a 2-3-2 under port 2 and got a new code of 1-2-1. And check engine lights on now cus of the MAF> How do i clear all the codes and check engine light? Also what could be wrong!
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Yes fuel filter and pump are next to each other. Check fittings and hoses. 1-2-1 is a bad MAF code. Make sure when you plugged the MAF back in you didn't squish the connectors..need to feaher it on and off not force it..2-3-2 is an O2 sensor code. shouldn't have to turn car off then back on for it to idle to normal..if a MAF is good it will do it while car is running..Just so you know usually if you are getting both a MAF code and an O2 sensor code, your ECU could be bad...I would either plug in a new ECU to test if you have one or test the MAF and O2 sensor readings with a multimeter...

To clear your codes you need to go through all the codes first until the first code repeats itself. With key turned to "on" position and prong in hole #2 hold the button for 5-8 seconds and light will come onhold down for another 5-8 seconds until light goes out. this should have cleared the codes..proceed onto terminal #6 and clear electrical codes too if you have check if cleared put prong back into #2 hoild for 2 seconds and release should get 1-1-1 meaning codes are cleared.
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