some times no start

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Default some times no start

newbie here for the volvo forum but any ways back in oct i bought a 1991 volvo 240 wagon for $850 with 168 k it runs mint great car but anyways reciently in the last 2 weeks i have been haveing a problem with no start problem let me discribe i have a DEI viper alarm with remote start i put in when i got the car started up every time no proble till like 2 weeks when i hit the remote start i can hear the relay in the remote start harrness but the starter dont turn but when i get in when this happens put the key in and turn it to the start postion at still dont go i have to turn it off and to the start postion alke 3-6 times it almost sounds like a flat spot on the starter but after a few time of on off it cracks right up some time this will happens a couple of times a day and then it will go a couple of days with no problem so i know it is not the ingition switch bc the remote starter bypass's the switch so the only thing i can think of is it is after the switch i have check it all out i have put remote starters in trucks and car for 5 years now and never had this problem so i think it is eather 1 bad wiring going to the starter 2 bad starter but also while i am here b4 i forget about it i have had this problem since i got the car after it cranks and the engine take's over it sounds like the starter is sticking like the gear an't getting pushed back away from the fly wheel it almost sounds like a grinding noise but the diminishes withing a second or 2.

would all of this equal to a bad starter or what

also one other small problem sry for this being so long lol but some time when i drive at low speeds less that 30 MPH i hear a noise coming from the passangers side that almost sounds like a police siran i am not sure if it might be a bad seal bad whell bearing or jsut the pads are getinng worn down but damn that noise is anyoying do the pads a a low brake noise to let u know they are geting low thanks for being patient with me these are the only problems as of right now and would like to get fixed soon bc i have a friend of mine that talked me into buying a vovlvo and staying away from american cars ( old hearted ford fan even thought i am only 21 lol ) and he has a 1990 240 sedan that i can use for parts thanks alot guy hope u can help
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Default RE: some times no start

Sounds like either a bad starter or wiring. Start by looking at the wiring harness for the engine. It is by the back of the engine at the firewall. The wires lose the outside sheilding. If that looks fine then when it acts up again put a test light on the small wire on the starter and see if you get power when you turn the key.

When I try to find problems like this I wire a light bulb and leave it by the hood and watch it when cranking.
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Default RE: some times no start

ok i will check that i am still leaning toward a bad soilonode
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