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Default some hints on after market amp installation in 2007 s40 with premium audio


well after my third try i finally got it all set... sorry mates... no pics but i'll try to guide you through it....


running the power wire hints:
- there is a cover under the glove box made of carpet.. it has 2 fasteners that are both located closer to the rear of the car.... use a small screwdriver to pull the middle of the fastener out to take out the middle "nail" then remove the carpet

- the wire pass through is on the passenger side of the engine compartment.... pull the grommet out and slide the power wire (i used 4 guage) down b/n the grommet and the edge of thehole.... just keep on feeding and feeding and feeding... eventually it'll drop out from under the console on the passenger side.... it took me a while to locate where it dropped out and will probably vary from installation to installation.... you may need a coat hanger to pull it out...

- route the wire under the carpet you'll need to lift both the front and rear door jam panels located near your feet.... make sure it's long enough to reach the rear driver side of the trunk (about 19-20 feet)

The trunk (boot for the english)
-start by removing the 3 clips that hold the driver side trunk wall panel( the panel my amp is mounted to in down the below)... (2 near the rear light and one about mid trunk connected to the ceiling.... these clips look like a rectangle with a thick side and thin side... push the sides of it together and it should fold on itself and pull out

- next pull the trunk weather strip off... don't be shy but the strip edges holds the panel on so it must come off... you can keep the passenger side part of the weather strip on...

- take off the plastic piece that surrounds the trunk lid fastener(where the trunk actually locks into the chassis you can see this in the second pic on the bottom of the pic)... do this by finding the 2 fastener that are circular and black... rotate them lefty for loosy (righty for tighty) until they unscrew and pull out.... now lift up on that plastic piece and the snap connectors should disengage...

- pull out the spare tire cover carpet... underneath should be 2 big pieces of foam and the spare tire.... here there are 2 fasteners per piece of foam and are exactly like the ones from the previous step... unscrew them and pull the driver side foam piece out....

- now that everything is out of your trunk pull the rear seat down to give you more working room and then pull the rear driver side trunk wall panel out... it should come out easily...

the wiring....
- a couple things you should notice.... 1 a bundle big big bundle of wires that hugs the driver side trunk wall... 2. where the amp is 3. the sirius unit (which is right next to the amp)

- the amp is locate behind the large opening in the same compartment as the sirius unit (which is easier to spot).... look at the bundle of wires... you should see alot of straight wires and then 5 sets of twisted pairs.... (hmm 5 twisted pairs five speaker compartments.... i wonder where this could go???) follow them all the way to the stock amp.. and pull out the wires... they are held into the stock amp with a green rectanglur plug which has a push down release button so the harness comes out (you can't see the harness because its' hiden behind the chassis but you can easily reach in and grab it).... be gentle lads.. don't wanna pull out any wires from this harness...

- when the harness is out.... you'll notice the 5 sets of twisted pairs going into the harness and a single green wire all alone by itself.. (11 wires all together).... start from the green wire side and use t-taps (found in any hardware store) to tap into the wires.... the green wire is not a speaker wire so dont' tap into it... but tap into the two sets of wires next to it... relatively speaking each twisted set of wires inserts into the harness, one on top then one the bottom... use a line out converter (converts signal from speakers into rca outputs) to tap into the those two speakers...

- more on the harness: the set closest to the green wire is the right rear... then next set away is the left rear... then the farthest from the green wire is the front left... those are all the ones i tested,,, the other two set i assume are the center channel and front right

- lastly... the ground wire... there is a that connects the trunk to the chassis.. it's locate just right of the sirius unit (if the looking at it with the sirius unit on the right and the rear lights to your left) along the metallic trunk wall... loose that bolt and affix your ground cable to that...

the remote wire

-this is the easiest part... hop in the drivers seat.... and look down at the cig lighter in the center console.... pull straight up on it... (there are two pop connectors holding it.. should pop right out) figure out which one is the power lead... (its the one connected to the center of the cig lighter not the one connected to the outside part)... t tap that line and connect the remote wire.... then route it to the nearest carpet (or under your chair) and run the wire to the back...

- the green wire that is in the stock amp may be a remote wire... you can test this out but i doubt it... i went the easy route and used the cig lighter


CONNECT YOUR AMP TO ALL THESE... THROW ALL THE PANELS BACK ON (making sure you put the weather stripping on last when putting back together the trunk) AND YOU'RE GOOD TO GO....

hope to have pics up soon of my setup....

i take no responsibility in damage done to ur car... i am well experienced in car stereo work... so this was a cake walk for me

if you have any questions... post here... i'm lazy but will try to answer them.... oh and give me props if you like this guide!!




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Default Help!

I just bought an aftermarket amp I know how to hook up the power cord and ground but I don't know where to put the remote and the RCA jacks my car doesn't have a stock aux input or an amp in the back it's a Volvo s40 2007 t5 and I need serious help with this
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