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07 S80 - Rattle In Dashboard

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Default 07 S80 - Rattle In Dashboard

Whenever the temp drops below 50 degrees, I begin hearing a rattle in the dashboard. It's seems towards the windshield and on the center/right side of the dash (passenger side).

I can actually get it to stop if I press on top of the dashboard toward the middle.

Volvo says the warranty won't cover dashboard 'rattles'.

Ideally, I'd like to pop off the dash and tighten up whatever is making the rattle.

Any guidance on how to do this or other suggestions would be appreciated!

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Default Rattle behind dash in 2008 S80


I have an '08 S80 T6 with the exact same problem and it drives me insane. I have felt around all of the reachable areas in the driver area including the steering wheel shaft etc., and have not found anything. It is something loose behind the dash. I have reported it to the dealer a number of times and they dismiss it usually by saying they weren't able to reproduce the rattle. The last time I took it in, they actually said that it was loose link rods in the engine compartment and the sound was transferring into the cabin. I was excited that they had fixed it, but as soon as I got in the car and drove off the sound was there. I'm very frustrated as my warranty is about to expire and I know that Volvo does not pay the dealer to fix rattles, but if this is a common problem then they should address it.

It's been a year since your post. Have you had any success fixing the rattle?


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Not sure if it's the same rattle but i had something similar and cleared it by tightening up the two screws at the top (underside) of the instrument cluster window. Now, to be fair, they were quite tight anyway and i didnt get any more that an 1/8th turn on each, but it fixed it immediately.

The screws are recessed so you'll have to view them from below in order to get access to the screw heads. You'll need a torx T25 screwdriver or attachment - a short / stubby screwdriver is best here as the steering column gets in the way if the screwdriver length is too long. Torque / Torx screwdriver kits are available on ebay for a few pounds if you dont have one.

Dont try and bodge it with a flat blade screwdrier or allen key as it'll ruin the screw head and then you wont be able to get that last 1/8th of a turn on it :-)


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Hi guys!

Mikeboy_999 im afriad thats not that same rattle. I have similar problem in my Xc70 2011, only in winter when temperature goes low and i need to heat a lot.
Maybe You guys solved this problem already ? Or maybe it is some instruction how to remove top part of the dashboard ?

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Default No success as of yet

Cold weather is on its way shortly and I'm sure I'll start hearing it again in the next week or so.

I think I've located the source to be in the very deep corner of the dashboard where it meets the window on the passenger side. There's a little give there if you push down on it.

The sound is less of a metal rattle and more of a plastic vibration sound (cold plastic!). There's a small panel I can open up on the passenger side (when the door is open) but doesn't give me a view to that corner.

Sadly, I think if I were to wedge something in that far corner I'd be set, but that's bush league.

I'll continue to update as I find out more!
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you guys should make a video of the sound where its coming from
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