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Is S80 a rattle/squeakbox when used on rough roads?

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Question Is S80 a rattle/squeakbox when used on rough roads?

Hi - I currently have a 1998 S70. There is a lot to like about the car, but one thing that has been very problematic is the front end. It's always making noise, and the parts seem to need frequent replacement (I'm getting work done on it every year). Yes, I have actually replaced all parts - struts, control arms, spring seats, strut mounts, swaybar links, everything, and several things several times. Annual state inspection has forced some of these part swaps too (like inner/outer tie rod ends multiple times). Many roads here in northern MA are rough due to freeze/thaw and inconsistent maintenance, but still, this front end seems particularly vulnerable.

As I said though, the S70 still does have a lot to like though, and I am *considering* an S80 as an upgrade (2004-2006 model years). My question is, does the S80 have the similar appetite for front end parts on rough roads? I think I'd like an S80, but I don't want to be replacing front-end parts every year anymore, I can tell you that - just too expensive, and potholes are a fact of life up here.
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I can't say I have too many potholes around where I love but when I take my 2004 s80 over speed bumps I have no problems. I usually take speed bumps faster then most trucks do and I've yet to have any problems. I've only put 20k miles on it though so you might have to wait for a response from a more seasoned s80 driver.
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wow, an opportunity to actually give some good news!

the s80, given you have good struts/tires all that junk, will feel like a cloud. in fact, that's sorta the nickname for mine (it's really white) and it's the only thing i like about it. i don't even have new struts! way smoother than the box you're used to.
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iv got a s80 and had all what you have had and its a pain but iv only had to change everything once. the car has done 100600 miles so i think its not so bad and the car drives like new. one thing i did find if you have a cliking drive shaft. the bolt that is in the centre of the constant velocity joint - the hole go's all the way through to the grease. i removed mine and de greased it. filled the hole with a 5mm grub screw so the grease could not escape onto the thread of the centre bolt - re built unit and 30000 miles with no noise at all. i hope this help you.
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I traded in my 2001 S60 for similar front end problems, never could seem to get everything fixed at once. I now have 75k on my 2005 S80 and it seems to have the same issues already. Hasn't been as bad yet but the problems with the S60 started around 95k and I finally had enough at 130k.

We'll see how the S80 does...
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I have a squeak on my 99 S80 changed all but the body bushings souinds like a dog's squeaky toy when i go over bumps. car is so dam smooth over bumps that i just kinda ignore the sqeak but will try this spring to replace all the bushings on the front end to see if that eliminates the squeak. Love the car hasn't given me any prob other that the ABS module which from this forum I see is a common accurance, Im going to keep the car about 2 more years then try for a 2009 0r 2010 S80. I got hit in the rear Thangsgiving eve I posted pic's not a bad it so It's going to the shop to be repaired not my cost though since the guy rear ended me I really didnt feel the impact so I dont believe I have any body damage just the bumper. I have to say It's been a great car to me so far, porb was owned by a lil lady from Pasedena
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I currently have 103k on my 2001 s80 t6 and just recently replaced all the front end bushings and engine mount bushings myself.Also had front and rear alignment done,recomended whenever struts are removed or replaced.On most fwd volvos correct tire air pressure,periodic tire rotation,front and rear alignment checkups can make a big difference in front end parts life.Also treat your various bushings with little silicone spray or armour all.
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