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Hesitation @ 40

Old 02-07-2006, 11:39 PM
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Default Hesitation @ 40

This is my 2nd consecutive T6 (2002), and I am experiencing a hesitation when the car goes into 4th gear (at around 40mph). The car behaves like one with a manual transmission and I am driving in one gear too high. My first T6 (2001) accelerated powerfully and smoothly in all gears, but this hesitation and rumbling at 40 mph is starting to annoy me. I find myself stomping on the gas to get on highways.
I have had the software updated, but that hasn't helped. Any ideas?
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Default RE: Hesitation @ 40

Well they do have adaptive transmissions (thank you GM...bastards...) and if your driving style changes alot (how fast you accellerate, going from city to highway alot) the shifting can differ and hesitate slightly. These cars have pretty good kick-downs (when you slam on the gas and it kicks down a gear for passing). Try a double kick down. Hit it halfway down instantly, once it catches the gear, slam it the rest of the way. You'll go from 4th to second in no time. If it feels like it starts to skip gears when going from 3rd to second, you may want to look at the ATF (auto tranny fluid) and see if its in good shape. If not, have all your fluids changed. The atf can run you 200 or so with labor...although maybe tech can give you ways of doing it yourself. After that is all finished, if your'e still having problems, have the tranny checked by someone at Volvo.

Hope I helped!
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Default RE: Hesitation @ 40

Thanks JC. I guess the reason it bothers me is that it didn't happen with my last t6.
I am going for a ride with the service manager next week or so. I had the car @ Volvo on Wed. and the ATF was fine. Nothing should be wrong, the car has 17K maintenance-documented miles on it. I will keep me/you posted!
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Default RE: Hesitation @ 40

lets say i do a double shift down using the tiptronic, it feels like i did something bad to the transmission, like a baseball bat hitting the baseball, feels like that, is that bad or just normal? I drive my s80 t6 hard......wandering if thats bad?(besides the wear and tear on tires and brakes.)?
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Default RE: Hesitation @ 40

You also have to remember everything is electronic including the throttle body. Thats where alot of the lag comes from. I haven't really tryed that but they shift a little funny when driven hard.
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