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I bought a S80 and have questions about it.

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Default I bought a S80 and have questions about it.

What is the W button for next to the stick.
How and when would i get messages on my gauge cluster.
What is that message button for.
How do i update my Navigation system.
What spark plugs and oil should i buy. "1999 s80 2.9 non turbo"


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The W is for Winter Mode driving, for added traction in hazardous weather.

The button at the end of the turn signal stick would be the button that pulls up your message cluster.

The spark plugs are Bosch +4 Platinum's.

Sorry I can't help about the other questions, I'm pretty sure MSG has something to do with reseting your computer.
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go to your local parts store and see what plugs they have on file for your car... I personally went with the Bosch Iridium Fusion, but plugs are all down to personal preference.. go with whatever brand you trust..
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no no and no, spark plugs are definitely not bosch +4 those plugs are garbage, get NGK iridiums or platinums if you wanna save money,,, use only synthetic, on any car you drive, 5w30, oh and "W" is not for " added traction",. from a standing start with that thing on your car starts in 2nd gear instead of first, therefore it feels like you have more traction cause the engine is starting at a lower rpm, thus no wheel spin cause the rpm is lower at a higher gear
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Default 99 S80 with very little problems (so far)

So far I've had very little problems, Just the ABS module & routine stuff, struts oil change & tune up. I've had the car 2 years & It's a really nice car. As for the spark plugs I had NGK Platinums installed & I wanted to use the royal purple oil but went with castro fully sinthetic & I will be changing it again for the winter months here in NYC. I haven't had the major problems alot of the guys here have had. I dont really drive it like a ricer would, but I'm no old man with it either & so far it's a far better car than most of the American junk I've owned. I cant compare it to My RX7 because it's not a sports car like some of the guys in this forum try to turm the S80 into. But it's not slow either. Guess I have had a better experience with mine or the junk I had before was just that bad lol
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This maybe a little off topic and sorry about this but I thought that this would be a good place to post, since we are talking spark plugs and tune-ups.

I have a stupid question... When is the right time to get a tune-up, and what is involved?

Is it just replacing the spark plugs or is there more to it?

What are the signs / symptoms that I need a tune-up?

Also where are the spark plugs located?

I only help change the spark plugs once when I was about 5 or 6 and that was with an 1985 Oldsmobile Calais Supreme. So it has been about 20 years since I have done something like this.

Sorry I know a little about what's under the hood, where the fluids go, how the engine works, but this is the first car that I have ever had that was under 100,000 miles and I want to do a good job taking care of it so that my car lasts longer. Thanks!
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Default Tune-up

Original equipment platinum plugs should last up to 100,000 miles. Some symptoms for replacement include long cranking times -- hard to start right away and Misfiring -- which, would turn on your check engine light. Plugs are cheap insurance and should be replaced before replacement is needed. I'm not familiar with the 1999 model, but the new models have integrated coils which need to be removed before the spark plugs can be accessed. This is not hard and with the right tools available anywhere tools are sold, can be easily done. You must have a proper sized spark plug socket and take care when installing new plugs to have the proper gap (using a gap tool). The gap is the distance between the center electrode and the metal tip L-shaped piece. Do not cross thread the plug when installing -- make sure they screw in easily and then tighten carefully to avoid stripping the threads in the aluminum head. A torque wrench can help do this right.
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Thanks for the help tkraft1!
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OEM plugs are the way to go.
They designed the cars using these plugs for a reason.
I replaced my plugs with OEM and the plug wires with IPD performance wires.

A+ in my book.
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