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Is this the infamous ETM surging problem?

Old 11-15-2007, 11:20 AM
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Default Is this the infamous ETM surging problem?

So guys, i drive a 2001 S80T6. Has 165k Kms on it, so i guess slightly more than 100k miles. Lately i have been having a problem with the rpms jumping/car stalling on low rpms. On high rpms, car seems to be driving just fine. When the rpms jump, the engine gives off quite a noticable vibration and noise. After they jump up, the rpms jump down and eventually hit low enough and the car stalls. If i leave the car off for a day or so, sometimes the problem just goes away. However it's become practically undrivable now, and i'm taking it tot he dealer today, would be nice if you guys give me a heads up as to what this could be/how much it would cost. Any help appriciated, thanks.

Note, the CEL has been on for about a year, but noone could find problems with it and car was working fine so i fugred it was just a sensor problem and left it alone.
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Default RE: Is this the infamous ECU surging problem?

1. Welcome to the forum.

2. It isn't "ECU" surging, it is called the ETM (Electronic Throttle Module).

3. What "CEL" is on on your dashboard? Is it the ETS? If so that means Electronic Throttle System which means there is a problem with the ETM.

4. Your problem does sound like the ETM going bad and Volvo should replace it for free since there is a 10 year 200,000 mile warranty on them also they should install the new software update as well. If not expect a hefty price tag of $900-$1200 plus about $50-$100 for the software update.

*I changed your title of your thread to reflect what your really asking.
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Default RE: Is this the infamous ECU surging problem?

Hello and welcome. When I had a very similar problem with my 99 S80 T6, I was a little glad underneath the frustration, because I thought I would end up haveing the ETM replaced at no cost. I took it to the dealer, and after them having the car for a full day, I was told it was a loose charge pipe. I have no idea what charge pipe it was, but the bottom line is that I paid $100 to have a hose clamp tightened somewhere. On top of that, the battery had a dead cell. Battery + $55 labor to install it, and when it was all said and done, I walked out almost $300.00 lighter. Moral of the story is, that if you have any mechanical inclination whatsoever, take a close look at all your connections and have your battery checked before resorting to going to the dealer. Of course if it's worth that kind of money to you to take it in, you have the peace of mind that if you have to take it back, it should be on their dime.
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Default RE: Is this the infamous ECU surging problem?

The CEL is "Emissons system servicde required". It goess off every once in a while, goes back on..
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Default RE: Is this the infamous ECU surging problem?

I think the recll only covered the Magnetti-Marelli ETM's. I was under the impression that the Turbo's all had the Bosch. You can look and see the sticker on the ETM to see which manufactuer provided it for your car.
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Default RE: Is this the infamous ECU surging problem?

I had this "surging" problem with my 2000 S80 T6. I took off the ETM and cleaned out the throttle body with cleaner and an emory pad. That was about 30k ago and problem has not return. Now at 125k.
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