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questions for the 07' and 08' S80 owners.....

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Default questions for the 07' and 08' S80 owners.....

hello guys i just joined because i'm thinking of buying a brand new s80 within about a month. however i have few question.
*i read many reviews and most of them are mentioned that the s80 is not a sport sedan (prefomance wise) and the 4Cs is good enough to compete with the German sport sedans (is it true?)!!
*how is the ipod integration (can i see all my playlists on the tiny screen)?
*can the S80 be fun to drive (cornering and sport driving) "sometimes--for change sack"?

thanx in advance
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Default RE: questions for the S80 owners.....

It all depends on which engine you get in terms of performance. I have a 2005, but I opted not to purchase a T6, so I have a 2.5T (5 cylinder engine turbo). The car has power, but its no sports car by any means (the T6 has a lot more power). The new sedans have three engine choices, 3.2 naturally aspirated, T6 turbo and the V8 naturally aspirated, the horsepower is 235, 281 and 311. If you're looking for the best power to weight ratio the V8 has it, but not by much, the T6 is probably the best bang for the buck.

In regards to cornering and sports driving, you'd be be better off with a S60R, the S80 is a bit long and heavy for hard driving. It can do it, but by no means is it really a sports sedan. I love driving my S80, and I also know I am driving a really safe car that is not as common as the dime a dozen BMW and Mercedes sedans.
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Default RE: questions for the S80 owners.....

thank you for the explenation.
i drove an S60 2 years ago and i loved it and i heard that the S60R is not available any more "is it true"?
i read about the s80 a lot and i actually loved it when i saw it the first time in 2007.

but i had a 2000 VW 1.8 T golf for about four years and i sold it in 2005 "i didn't have any problem with it the car was perfect" so what i'm asking will the S80 be valueble or live long enough as good car "my driving is normal--no over speed nor playing around with the car" Only driving.

i'd like to know about the iPod integretion with the new S80 "i coudn't find it anywhere on the net".

thanx again
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Default RE: questions for the S80 owners.....

I have a 01 s80 t6, in the process of trading it in. It has really good handling for such a big car, and is a very smooth car -- I have 90k on mine and still drives really smooth. I would say it isnt that sporty, but when you use the T6 turbo its like "Oh thats where all the sportyness is" , but yeah I agree the T6 would probably be the best bang for the buck.
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Default RE: questions for the S80 owners.....

thank you guys for the info.
i'm looking forward to buy a brand new S80.
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Default RE: questions for the S80 owners.....

You are correct, the S60R was discontinued in 2006.

In regards to the S80 being reliable, yes, it's a reliable car if you get past the 2002 year, which shouldn't be a problem if you are buying brand new. TheVolvos are VERY computerized, more so then some BMWs and MBs and dealer repairs are expensive when they are needed outside of warranty. The car inany series enginewill be peppy enough to satisfy your needs when you push down the accelerator to get up and go, but the V8 will definately have the most with the T6 right behind it. In regards to your old VW, it will be light years ahead of in terms of size, quality and safety.

I cannot offer much support in regards to the Ipod integration, I don't own an Ipod (hate them) and my 2005 doesn't have this feature.
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Default RE: questions for the S80 owners.....

thank you m8 for the great info.
i liked the Volvo since i tried the S60 "rented" and i won't lie, the car was amazing and the best thing that i really liked was the audio system "i know it's not important" but the sound quality was WOW. i was planing on buying the S60 when i graduated from university however i saw the new S80 and i was amazed of the new look of the car "but since the look is not everything -right!" so i decided to wain and save more money.
i thought of the BMW 5.. but i can't stop thinking to buy an S80 plus the BMW and the AUDI A6 are over priced "they're good but costy" that's why i asked you guys and did read many reviews about the new S80 as i never owned a VOLVO and nither any of my family and friends!!!!!!!!!!! still wonder why.

thanx again guys
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Default RE: questions for the S80 owners.....

I have driven s80 t6's since 2001, and I like them very much, but I don't think it's a "sports car" as much as a sports sedan. My neighbor who always buys e-class mercedes prefers driving my car. Go figure.
Last month the dealer lent me a 2008 T6. Much much sportier performance in my opinion. I wanted one, but alas, $ is the issue.
I know nothing about the ipod integration though.
Good luck.
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Default RE: questions for the S80 owners.....

guys thank you very much.
here is why i would like to get a volvo S80:
Simple---looks very driver friendly and yet its advanced enough to compete with Germans
Design---it looks just amzing "can i say more!!!"
Affordable---Look at the German cars' prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at least where i live "Saudi"
Saftey---Well its a Volvo

anyway i would like to get some impressions by Owners of the New S80 "2007 and up" all the reviews i read was good enough but i would like to get a normal driver's opinion on it "not Pro" just like me.............ipod integration would be appreciate it too.

thanx again guys
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Default RE: questions for the S80 owners.....

I'm supprised that no one here has a new S80. I'm 16 and got a new S80 a few months ago, and its a nice car. Heres why:

I have the i6 regular, no turbo or V8. Because the car is a bit over 2 tons, its heavy and bulky. With the regular i6, the car does struggle a bit to accelerate quickly, especially up hills. However, I have the sport package with the adjustable suspension, etc., and when in advanced mode, its great. The car shifts more aggressively and at higher rpms, and I can get to 60 in about about 8 seconds without having to completely slam on the accelerator.

When cornering in regular mode, it sucks. You feel like you are about to fly off the curve. However, in sport mode, you can really stay low to the ground and hug the curves. The Zubra rims also look nice.

As far as the insides: The interior is amazing. The cooled seats are great for the summer. I don't have the IPod dock kit, so I just use the aux port, which is fine. Bluetooth is not as good as in Acuras because Caller ID doesn't show up on the display screen. The GPS is not touch screen, and when recessed, it still sticks up about half inch above the dash. The gps interface is pretty clever with only 2 buttons and a joystick. The interface makes it easy to type in addresses, cause when you click on a letter, it will sort the listings, then click another letter, then it will resort them further, so you only need to type in 2 letters on average to type something in. Also, the screens and odometer / tachometer display is just so modern/slick/nice looking. They also give you vehicle messages, such as oil change, car problems, etc.

The blindspot system does not work too well when cars headlights are next to the drivers door and on. The system works by tracking car's headlights, so it is a bit flawed, however, it is helpfull just to double check if theres a car there without having to always look over. The thing does not work well in fog, and the car gives u a message of "reduced bs system functionality" sometimes.

The sound system is good, not much to say bout that. it sounds amazing in the driver seat, great in the passenger seat, and complete crap in the rear seeats. Its echoy and hollow sounding in the rear. Sunroof is good. Recesses into the car instead of ontop which is nice. Sports seats in the sport package are great - nice soft leather and bucket style that is soo comfortable. The steering wheel is of soft leather that has a nice touch. Auto dual AC is good too. Cools very well. The key (not the car comm one, just regular remote w/ push ignition) remembers the mirror and seat positions.

Now the headlights. WOW. The Volvo xenon lights are just about the brightest and best headlights in any car ever invented. They are just soo crisp, the perfect color (just a slight blue tint - gives you excellent white light and an amazing brightness), and perfectly leveled with the road. And when you go on curves, they turn, and its just soo conveinent. If you drive a regular car with non turning lights again, you will be amazed at how much this helps on curves. However, foglights are halogen and suck. Oh well.

Oh, and the rear seat headrests fold down with a button to give you better rear window view. And also, the rearview mirror is amazing. It automatically dims down at night when cars headlights in the back shine into it, reducing your glare levels.

As far as safety, this thing is a 4000 pound hunk of steel that can hit an 18 wheeler, and destroy the truck and still be perfect. Its a volvo. I believe the S80 is the only sedan to pass every single crash safety test with a 5 / excellent.

Oh, and as far as size. Im 6'2" tall, and the S80 is one of very few cars that I can comfortably drive in. However, when I drive, there is absolutely no room whatsoever in the rear seats. Well, maybe for a 3' tall midget. The rear seats are very small as far as legroom. The seats themselves are fine.

I don't have the radar cruise or precollision contol, so, can't comment on that.

As price, its a tad bit expensive, but compared to a 40,000 dollar Acura, a 48000 dollar Volvo is 10 times better. More solid, safer, more luxurious feel.
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Compared to my 850, my 2002 S80 is no sports sedan. It is a quiet outstanding long distance cruiser with a 500 mile range and the best driver seat I've ever owned. However it is almost a quarter ton heavier than the 850 which makes it much less nimble as a good chunk of that weight is on the front end. I have the larger wheels and tires so it rides better than the 850, it just can't be pushed. Think of it as a Swedish Buick with better suspension. I'm getting 16 in city driving, 28 on open road. The 850 was 22 city and 29 open road.
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