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Volvo S80 All ABS LIGHTS ON (not the module)

Old 03-14-2012, 09:34 PM
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Default Volvo S80 All ABS LIGHTS ON (not the module)

The customer complained of the 3 abs warning lights coming on and the transmission service ugent message and the car was running poorly.
Sometimes the lights would go out and all would be fine.
I thought abs module put a rebuilt one in and no difference. I was getting the abs pump motor code at this time, Then i seen the 2 wires coming from the module to the Pump were all fraid and touching each other. I repaird the wires and all the lights went out even still after i drove it home for the night.
1 week later the customer brought the car back with the same problem.

The codes that i was getting everytime i scanned the car as follows (except the pump motor codes which was corrected when i repaired the wires.)
I use a bocsh KTS 340

0095 CAN data bus faulty- this code will not clear ever except when everything is running ok.

720A comm with engine control unit and immbolizer faulty
902A- throttle valve actutator CAN signal faulty
530B- CAN comm with tranny control faulty
959F- accelerator pedal postion sensor signal bad
928C steering wheel module faulty
510F speed signal faulty
E003 CAN data bus engin control unit programming vehicle spped signal

0094- signal from gear shift module missing
E003- control unit programming faulty

I did try a different throttle body that was bad, but it did not have the same problem on the car it came from as this car is having.
I checked all fuses, made sure power and ground was to going to the abs module
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Sounds like the network is going down intermittently. Alot of CAN codes can be falsely induced by low voltage concerns low batterys or bad alternators. If you clear all the codes dose only the 0095 come right back? Might wanna see if all the computers have the most recent updates at the dealer.
Old 03-21-2012, 07:18 AM
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that is what i want to do but the customer has denied it. Someone is supposed to come here with a volvo scanning program and i will see what that will come up with. If nothing then it is going to the dealer, thanks
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engine codes only 2 of all those correspond with the ABS

the other faulty signals indicate a battery voltage issue (make sure you have a 10 amp charge on the battery when you have the scan tool up.

There is a update on engine and the TCM modals (did one on a S80 today actually)

Have you checked all the ABS wheel sensors?

Checked the pins in the connector? made sure none are damaged and no corrosion?

I am still thinking ABS module.

CAN is a 2 wire system. If one circuit goes down (shorts) the computer recognizes it and uses the back up line so the car will still run and drive (in most cases) ((simplified))

Remember CAN operates at the m/s level. usually somewhere around 10/1000 of a second. That code that is stored could be a fault that happens in that instant. Like when a battery is low voltage slows everything down, makes the CAN system freak out and throw a lot of codes for faulty signals or no signal.
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Default 2000 s80 t6...bad abs and bank2 sensor 1 o2

Hi...Can any one suggest best and cheapest resource to get good quality abd module...all lights on...and a bank 2 sensor 1 o2 sensot...

Codes coming up are ...p1633,p1171 p1181 p0154....Bank 2 Sensor 1 ....

hoping those 2 fix all problems...

Old 07-24-2013, 09:35 PM
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Default Abs p1181 code

Hello fellow frustrated volvo fans! Thought I'd share some tips here. I've been through damn near all of the problems I've seen here. Abs, that's an easy, easy fix. There are videos on YouTube that helped me. Simply remove the abs controller, hack-saw the sides open, and re-solder the two larger pins. That FIXED MINE! Then, JB weld the edges back together, and smile. The code, I haven't replaced a bunch of $#!+ because I want to find the problem. I did replace the throttle body, and did NOT have it programmed. I think I got lucky. Junk-yard $100. Worked first time. Now, I looked all over for a vacuum leak. 'Know where it was? The check-valve to the brake booster. Right there on top! Two clamps later, flying down the road. Super easy, but took time to figure out. I hope this helps some human out there. Now, on to cleaning up my garage...
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Default Surging poor idle

Check this out. I had the tb replaced on wife's s60, still surged. Took a bug fogger ,propane, to intake and smoked it. Know what leaked? The sides of the new tb, both sides. My 2000 S80, the cel went off once I put Teflon tape around the tb metal to plastic hose. BIG DIFFERENCE! Poor seal = vacuum leak. Just more stuff to check. I hope this helps someone else.
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