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Volvo vs. SAAB

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Default Volvo vs. SAAB

Hey Folks!!

I'm thinking about venturing into the Volvo world with a 1999 S80. I have the opportunity to buy one at a really, really good price..body is perfect, engine sounds great, 94,000 miles....only one flaw. The tranny seems to be stuck in third..or possibly overdrive. The "service transmission" light is on. Is this a common problem and an easy fix? Or should I run quickly away and look for something else. It seems to me the Volvo might be in limp home mode...and this is an electronics problem. Suggestions? How would you guys rate the S80 overall? Also..another quick question...I'm a huge SAAB person...have owned several, I could literally take a 900 or a 9000 apart and put it back together again. How similiar is the technology/engineering on a Volvo vs. SAAB? I've never owned a Volvo. Sorry for all the dialogue...but I value your opinion...(i'm a regular in the Saab forum) Thanks!!!
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Default RE: Volvo vs. SAAB

I cant tell you about any of the problems that the particular car has. But i love my S80, other than the window regulator and the breaks and oil change i havent had any problems with the car. it has 110 on the odometer, i had since 50k and i put those miles on in about 2 years. and i drive it hard and fast. and i love. thinking about trading it in for the new s80. depending on the price of the car and the previous owner i would prolly buy it. the tranny is also made by GM........
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Default RE: Volvo vs. SAAB

I know that the transmissions are extremely expensive to replace, but your issue may not warrant a full replacement. I would recommend taking it to a mechanic and letting them scope things out for you.

I love my 2000 S80! It's treated me very well, and my wife absolutely loves the car. She says that she always feels very safe in it.
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Default RE: Volvo vs. SAAB

I would stay VERY far away from 99-01 s80's. The trannies are garbage, the 99's were some of the first networked cars volvo ever made and they were riddled w/ electrical problems. It's not uncommon to see 2k plus repairs on these first s80's.

BTW...I work at a volvo retailer so I see lots of these cars and what goes wrong w/ them.
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Default RE: Volvo vs. SAAB

I will not refute your experience with S80's. I do like my 2000 S80 and have taken good care of it, which in return means that the car has ran very well for me.
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Default RE: Volvo vs. SAAB

id taket the s80 over the saab, The ride is very smoth and the turbo is great fun ! but s80 do have ther fair share of problems
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Default RE: Volvo vs. SAAB

I wouldn't write this car off all trogether.

My car has 132k miles on it, and while the ABS servicing light has come on, I have had no problems except for my alternator going bad. With any car, as long as you change the oil every 3-5,000 miles depending on whether you use regular crude or shouldn't give you trouble.

My car hit its first oil change yesterday since I bought it, and I made sure that I didn't let it go over. However why Volvo chose to use a cartridge filter over a standard screw on is beyond me. They're a pain to find at the local parts stores.
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I am the second owner of a 99 S80 & I have had very little problems. I have replaced the ABS module 2X one because It went bad due to my guess due to age , the second because I felt sorry for someone & gave them a boost & they let the jumper cables touch, I did the timing belt & have gone from NYC to PA & to MA & it's a daily driver & I enjoy the car very much. I am considering in 2013 buying a 2010 I don't like buying cars when they are new because of defects that you find out about as you own them & you know dealers love you until you leave the show room. Once you develop problems your to blame & they treat you in that manner. But the S80 in my opinion is a great car if it has had caring owners.

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I've had two Saabs (original 900 **** and 9000 1/2*). I've had 3 Volvos - 1987 740GLE, 1998 V70, 2006 S80.

Ran the 900 from new to 150K and only had 1 problem (fuel pump quit)
Ran the 9000 for a year and had MANY MANY problems.

The 1987 740 (200K) was way old but has weird electrical problems. Given it's age...
The 1998 V70 seems just fine and it had a hard life before me. (150K)
The 2006 S80 also has weird electrical problems (60K).

From the standpoint of living with them (options, handling, functions, etc) the older Saabs were good. The newer ones that I've looked and test drove - not so good.

The Volvo wagons are just tools with personality of a toaster.

The S80 has been a study in frustration. Everything seems to have a 'I know better than you do' flavor in how it works. Just plain dumb design from a socialist state. The Caddy that I traded in for it was MUCH better in that respect with controls and functions that made simple sense and didn't try to out think you.
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