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Help Please ECM-2680 Injector Power stage, Cyl2. Signal too high

Volvo XC70 This wagon/SUV crossover offers the capabilities of an SUV without SUV size.

Help Please ECM-2680 Injector Power stage, Cyl2. Signal too high

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Default Help Please ECM-2680 Injector Power stage, Cyl2. Signal too high

Hi, I own a Garage in France and I am hoping someone could help with a friend’s Volvo XC70 have been looking at for the past 4 months when I have had time, I’ll try to keep it short
The car is a Volvo XC70 Auto Estate 2007 (-07) D5 Euro4 with DPF 185BHP D5244T4 - Trans TF-80SC R.H.D
Sorry I did not get the millage but I think it’s around 120k – if this is helpful I can get

To put you in the picture
My mate has had this for about 6-8 moths to replace his XC70 Euro3 older model and has been nothing but trouble for him the car was running fine for about 1 month and started making a strange knocking noise this we found out to be the Prop-Shaft this has been removed – we did read about people taking them off and the car being OK with it, The car was fine for about another month when it was left for a few weeks, This is where main problems started,

The car was fine then left for a few weeks

What my mate has told me and when I went to collect the car, it took a few times to start once started it would not rev up had to leave it idling for 10mins to get it to rev a bit, the would move and drive but it was like just putting it in drive and letting roll with my foot to the floor
There I think I was red or yellow engine light and a message – like engine service urgent

First I plugged it in and got know where with the hand held unit we had, so I got the Volvo Vida/Dice and set it up on the diagnostic laptop I have, these are the codes
284: ECM-4430 EGR Valve. Signal Missing
284: ECM-4450 EGR Position Sensor. Faulty Signal
284: ECM-6500 Engine Pads. Signal Too Low
284: ECM-6690 Glow Plug Relay Control. Signal Missing
284: ECM-6820 Turbo control Actuator. Signal Too Low
372: REM-4F42 Parking Sensor 1. Faulty Signal –
The has always said there was a problem with the park assistant so I guess this would not be a problem

I did a large amount of research online and noticed the Swirl Flap Arm was off I did a repair and that is now back on, though the errors I link them to a fuse 15 in the engine bay fuse box once the fuse was replaced these are the list of codes after

All I got was - 284: ECM-4450 EGR Position Sensor. Faulty Signal

Then started fine run fine a revved up OK but was still very flat I mean dangerous flat you would not drive it past limp mode, but had no engine management lights on

The next day once the car was cold again the car was the same and the fuse had blown so I replaced the fuse again and this time got error codes

284: ECM-4450 EGR Position Sensor. Faulty Signal
284: ECM-2680 Injector Power stage, Cyl2. Signal too high

Once we had it on with the fuse OK not blown, (it would only blow once the car had been left over night) the car said soot filter full so we did a forced regeneration this cleared this problem

So we tried a used injector this made no difference, and a bit naively tried a used ECU and as you would imagine because of the immobiliser would not run but did look into making it free-running or cloning the immobiliser chip from the cars ECU but we deemed this risky but the new ECU did not blow the fuse so next we thought about getting the ECU check over properly

We checked the turbo pipes for cracks or leaks all was ok but the bottom pipe nearly fell of the turbo so this tightened up

Reading into the error ECM-2680 Injector Power stage, Cyl2. Signal too high on Vida shows “Possible source - Signal to high. Internal Fault in the engine control unit (ECU)”

While ring around and speaking people who repair ECUs one told me some figures for the repair rates for these ECUs 2016-10, 2017-15, 2018-3 this was about 2 months in to 2018 I found this a lot when you think this is one company in one county and from the particular ECU form this Volvo being the 185BHP

So the ECU was sent away to be check and a replacement one was send on a 2-week trial this made no difference but we decided to keep the ECU as the fuse did not blow – I am going to get in contact with them to find out was there a problem is the ECU a replacement or the original just been check or repairs done

So at this point with the injector changed, replacement ECU we still have

284: ECM-4450 EGR Position Sensor. Faulty Signal
284: ECM-2680 Injector Power stage, Cyl2. Signal too high

Next I look to cleaning the EGR valve housing out this was not too bad to be but in side I was shocked I have not seen any so before it had halved the diameter of the pipe with build-up it was the case of scrap out with a flat screwdriver before using brake cleaner on it, I checked the EGR connections I took the black part off the positioning sensor unit there was a bit of aluminium oxidation going on, I clean it up a bit a light smear of grease to protect every plug removed was check at a light bit a grease was applied while I was doing it, The EGR actuator moved freely when I check it

This made no difference – what I suspect looking at the EGR and the turbo pipes is that the turbo has been replaced it does not look like a new one myself but I don’t know when it was done but there signs it had been off I think it was quickly replaced to get rid of the car before my mate bought it

I checked the condition of the Injectors using Vida the TRIMs are within tolerance we did a leak off test this was fine all equal and minimal the only thing on Vida was to listen to them to her any strange noises now this would be your own opinion but they sound OK to me maybe slightly loud tapping across of them

We also did a compression test it was earlier on than this at the start – I would have to find the paper with the results on but they were all the same across all 5 cylinders and when I check the PSI it was within tolerance

I started to this the ECM-2680 Injector Power stage, Cyl2. Signal too high this was more of a by-product of something else that was not showing an error but was faulty enough to cause a problem but not its own code

So we looked at the EGR again and got a new positioning sensor hopping to remove ECM-4450 EGR Position Sensor. Faulty Signal but I fitted this and this made no difference

So I started to check the wiring loom fully we did some looking it the loom as we went along I never forgot the wiring myself and understand that a code is one thing guiding you towards the problem not telling what the problem is

After printing out what seemed like a small book of the areas of the loom where the problems have been and are now, and creating a very simple pinout for the ECU plug as a guide I tested the cable for resistance and continuity these looked OK, I then checked the cables resistance as Vida and Autodata values at the ECU and at the injector and EGR valve etc. and all come back as they should

The ECU know the injector is there when I unplug it tells me it’s so as far as I can see its leading me back to the Injector is fine the wiring is fine so is the ECU not OK as Vida says it is
Visual inspection of the wiring the at the injectors dose show the protective outer sheathing plastic over the core of the cable has become brittle but the wire is exposed but is fine I have put insulating tape on – I have also strip the plugs a re-bent the metal inside to add a bit more spring to help it contact

While I did this I got Vida up on live data and tried the old EGR positioning sensor and push it in and out sort of thing and got nothing the only time it changed was plugging it back in the new one and when I activate the EGR valve you can hear something not loud but like something is happening, I did this with the engine running as per on one of the posts I was reading and it makes no difference to the engine when activated but this show nothing with the positioning sensor on live data

The replaced positioning sensor was from a company who checked the VIN number before supplying and came in a genuine Pierburg looking box

So where I am at now, the car starts OK - sometime it reluctant to rev I have to wait a 1 min when left for a few days but then will rev fine there are the 2 codes

284: ECM-4450 EGR Position Sensor. Faulty Signal
284: ECM-2680 Injector Power stage, Cyl2. Signal too high

the car has very little power less than limp mode if you erase the codes ECM-2680 Injector Power stage, Cyl2. Signal too high will only come back on when cold with the engine management light but with or without the EML light on or off the power stays the same some of the bits have made little difference but nothing note worthy

One thing I have noticed it could be nothing though when revving it if the codes are erase and the car is warm if once you start it you rev it directly after starting it revs perfectly you can do it twice then something seems to comes in and it does not rev as freely but still revs fine just not as free

I don’t think I have missed anything we has done I will update if I remember something but has been done over 4 months when I have had time

My mate does not want to spend big bucks on it he just wants rid of it now

Thank you for taking the time read sorry about any punctuation and if it’s hard to follow

Thank you in advanced - Peter

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I Have spoken to the ECU repairers today

The ECU is a known working ECU that the details of the Immobiliser has been cloned for the cars original ECU to this replacement

So the car has physically different ECU than the original but is identical to the original - I think the chances of having 2 ECU with identical problems would be very slim

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