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Transmission and Sensor problems

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Default Transmission and Sensor problems

Hello, I'm new to the forum and have a 2000 V70 XC AWD with 107 k miles. I am having major transmission issues. So here's my story from the top so you can see full picture. About 2 months ago I was having issues with the car almost overheating so I replaced the thermostat and it seemed ok, then a few days later I was driving, heard a small and car went into limp mode with check engine light and flashing arrow. Pulled over and restarted and it drove fine all the way to my mechanic. He scanned it (don't remember initial code) and reset it. Was fine for a few weeks and it happened again. Fast forward a week and I was driving on the highway at about 70mph when I saw smoke coming from the back. Pulled over to find the tranmission fluid leaking from tranny onto exhaust. Got it towed to transmission shop where they said i need to have the tranny rebuilt, couldn't afford $3k so found a used one from a 98' and had it installed. Didn't even get home and I had the same check engine lights and all the fluid leaked again but from an unknown spot as it was everywhere. Took it back where they discovered it had the wrong radiator so the tranny cooling lines were spliced on to make it work. Today I had the proper radiator put in along with brand new tranny lines. The fault codes are still there and they are as follows: P1618 manufacturer specific ; P0722 output sensor circuit no signal; P0717 input / turbine speed sensor "A circuit" no signal. Drove it about 10 miles back to work and now the ABS light and TRACS light is on too plus all the tranny fluid seemed to leak all over the engine compartment again with no obvious source. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've spent about $2k so far and I'm running out of options. Sorry for the long post, just wanted to get all the details out that led to this point.
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Default Same p0722 p1618 p1633 codes and lights v70 xc awd

I still do not have an answer. Several shops say several different things to why it is happening. All seem to say $1600 plus... My 1999 XC v70 awd 2.4t ran great for years and now this. I am a staving student again in college and do not have the "let us start by replacing the abs unit" money unless this is the problem... which most say it isn't the problem... best answer so far is a connection failure somewhere in the wiring loom??? Either way how to find an intermittent electrical random glitch is a pain in my pocket. I have already replaced speed sensors and cleaned connections... problem not found yet. Good luck, Russ
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I'm watching this thread as well. My wife's 2000 C70 is producing the same codes.
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Default Volvo fix v70 850 many years... abs 1633 1618 0722 etc

1999 V70 XC AWD turbo 2.4 similar problem... easy fix...
Feb 01 Fixed ... did it myself... The link is below for the abs control fix. A bit of a pain to open up, took about 30 min to pull the box and open it up. Sure enough the board had a broken solder contact on one of the pins in the circuit board. Just added some solder... heated and added solder to all the pins going to the multi-plug... and sealed the box with silicone... installed it and bingo... I am a happy camper. All in all the fix took about 2 hours with 1.5 hours letting the sealant cure. This abs glitch is reallllly common from what all the tech's and threads talk about. I am hear to confirm this problem. I used a pen microscope from Harbor Freight to see the solder problem. Upon the really magnified view, I could see the improper "cold solder" joint that meant the manufacturer didn't heat the thick pins enough. Really easy to fix though. The rest of the circuit board soldering work looked good. It is just that the thicker pins need a lot more heat and time heated to be effective, otherwise this error occurs. Good luck all! Russ

Jan 31 I cleaned the connector to the abs unit and had no problem for 4 days and now the problem is back again... I am wondering if it is my abs unit or the controls for it... the traction light is now coming on in addition to the other lights... then clears up a few minutes later???

I think this explains these problems well

Jan 27 Error codes 1633, 1618, 0722, no speedometer (-----), no tripometer (-----), abs light, check engine light, brake light, and sometimes a flashing upshift that occasionally results in reduced power mode on the transmission.... and then it all goes away and runs fine for day/hours/minutes? I reset the codes and all is well for a while. The one code that appears alone... at first... is the 1633. While driving the speedometer just drops out resulting in the above symptoms. Then, magically it all starts working fine again. This behavior was once every two to three months, now daily. I replace the transmission speed sensor yet didn't change a thing. Occasionally, where the dash displays the outside temp etc, I read the word "d i s c"... is there a hard drive in this car? Thanks for the help!

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