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Old 02-09-2008, 11:30 AM
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Default XC70 Newbie

Greetings everyone!

I'm a newbie to the forum and have just purchased an 01 XC70 for my wife and our new baby. I am a novice when it comes to car mechanics so I'm hoping to learn from some of you pros here on this forum. I'd like to start making my own simple repairs as I'm having a hard time trusting service providers. Most people have the bottom line $$$ in mind and integrity isn't even an after thought these days.

Anyhoo that being said I have had some problems already with the check engine light coming on after only 4 days of having the car. So took it to my mechanic and the code related to a bulletin about cleaning out carbonfrom a sensor. Well, that didn't fix it because only a couple of days later the light was back and I couldn't start the car. Just wasn't turning over. Battery checked out fine though. The next day it did start up thoughm so I took it back to the mechanic. They then replaced the starter whch my 3 month warranty covered 80% of. But the engine light came back again and this time I took it to Volvo. Volvo replaced the VVT Solenoid (not covered by the warranty) but that didn't work either. So it went back to Volvo and they now tell me it's the VVT unit itself at $700.70.

I called the dealer who I bought it from and they say they will take a look at it and fix it. But I really don't know if I can trust them to fix it properly. At the same time I don't really want to pay Volvo $700 and then for the light to come back on again.

Any advice from you seasoned professionals would be very welcome.

Thanks, Matt
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Default RE: XC70 Newbie

I would take it back to who you bought it from.
Let them give it a try. And if they can't figure it out make them take it to the dealer to have the dealer do it.
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Hi there,

I took your advice and sent the car back to the dealer. They had their mechanics check it with their own "expensive equipment" and say that it's the throttle body and will take a few days to get the part.

In summary Volvo say that it's the VVT unit at $700
The dealer says it's the throttle body. Which I assume will be free for them as it's a recall.

Who to trust...
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Default RE: XC70 Newbie

if it were me, i'd let the dealer try the throttle body first. it very well could be that - i know on my v70 the throttle body has caused starting issues. if that doesn't work, you've at least got a new throttle body out of the deal - then let the volvo dealer try the vvt, or you could try that and see what happens...
Old 03-03-2008, 06:02 PM
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Default RE: XC70 Newbie

Well things have started to get ugly now. The dealer asked me to drive the car 40 mins to their location so that they could send the car to their mechanic to do their own diagnostics. It returned a code pointing to the throttle body. They said that hopefully the job would be done in one day (Tuesday). Called back wednesday...told they were waiting for the part. They asked me to call back Friday. Didn't call back on friday due to a snow storm. Called back on the Monday instead, but the work still hadn't been done. Instead asking me more questions about what volvo had said previously. I informed them that I needed the car back in order to do some furniture moving. They delivered it back to me. Then I called back the following day asking when they could take it back. Informed it would need to be the next Tuesday (another week). And that I would have to deliver it again (40 minute drive each way). Asked if they would definitely fix it that week they responded that they would "try". Aksed if they could pick it up beacause I was in a conference...told to call back the following Monday. My wife called back on Mondayand was told that they may be able to pick it up on Wedbesday but didn't know what time or that it could be fixed that week. My wife pointed out that we did not want to drive the car at all as it stalled on us in traffic and was becomming dangerous.

After hearing this I called the dealer and informed them that the car had to be fixed this week or I would be asking for a refund. Having bought the car as a new car forour new babywe have hardley been able to use it. To which the dealer responded that I was rude and would not deal with me any more. And that I would need to deal with his mechanic. He then hung up.

We have had the car since December and not been able to confidently drive it with our new baby. The car even failed to start up when we were checking out of the hospital with our son and had to have the car towed away. This is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth and am now considering legal action in order to get a full refund.

Does anyone have any advice for me in this matter?

Many thanks, Matt
Old 03-04-2008, 05:45 AM
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Default RE: XC70 Newbie

Yegads, it is starting to get ugly. My recommendations would be to show up in person vs. talking to the dealer on the phone. His attitude and actions of hanging up on you are a sad indicator of that person. Face to face they may back off a bit, vs. being able to hang up on you again. If this person is a salesman there, talk to the general manager of the dealership. Also, I would get the Volvo zone manager involved asap.

Is there anything in your state regarding lemon laws on used car sales that would help you in this? You mentioned legal action, before you go to that extent, maybe you can get some legal opinion on your lemon laws and go that route.

Sorry to read about your experience. It's the reason I get the ******* every time I need to go into a dealership; no one should have to be treated like that, very poor showing on that dealership's part.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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Nope you are right about that. Very untrustworthy and don't care a damn once you have payed up.

I have contacted the NJ consumer afairs division and they are sending forms for me to fill out.

Then I intend to make sure that BBB get an official complaint

Unfortunately the dealer is not a Volvo dealer but a crappy shack in Parsipany (Morris County Motor Car). Stay away!!!
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Default RE: XC70 Newbie

Have you checked the history on car fax or through your volvo dealer?
If this came from a small reseller, repairs are likely to be a problem, if you want him to fix it.
Regarding the problem, a VVT controls what?
You did not mention the mileage.

just so you know i bought an 01xc70 two years ago at 67,000 miles
It now has 115,000 miles on it, and is costing lots in terms of electronics in addition to the normal wear and tear
Of late, a check engine light and transmission bumping resulted in a 3600.00 repair for the CEM, software upgrades and other issues
My overall costs for the 40,000 miles is over 12,000.00, electrics are the majority of the costs
ps i still have a check engine light coming on!

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Sorry to hear about your troubles. Trying to take a step back from all this and take a philosophical perspective I suppose you win some you lose some. It is difficult to know what you will end up with when you buy a used car. Especially when it comes to electrics. No pre sales inspection will uncover such faults.

My next car will be new, but even then you can't be certain. But at least you will have a warranty.

Regarding my car, it has 87,000 miles on the clock and just had the throttle body replaced. But the light is back on and there is still plenty of transmission lurching going on. Sometimes it feels like there's no power, but then the transmission will change all of a sudden and the power is back.It has aclean carfax report.

It's booked in tomorrow for more diagnostics! In the meantime I have filed a lemon claim with the division of consumer afairs. Anyone had any experience of that before?

cheers, Matt
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Default RE: XC70 Newbie

If I knew then what I know now I would have turned in the 01 earlier.
I would recommend that you be quite forceful with this dealer , and even get an 04 or 05 from them
Let em keep the 01
The latest news is that the check engine light would not go off, they cleared it at the service center
and it was just sitting idling when all kinds of codes went off. They cleared it again.
10 days later i am driving along, do a quick acceleration and get a backfire, then when idling the engine stops.
Started it again , on the way home and have jerky acceleration, finally get it to the service center, 4 ways flashing, as I lurch along.
Will let you know if we call the vet to put it down!
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Default RE: XC70 Newbie

Name and shame.

I'm a first time father too and if some git of a dealer treated me that way after explaining that it was dangerous for my wife and child to travel in the car.....he'd have more to worry about than some poxy throttle body!

Best of luck

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