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Wheel and Tire Questions

Old 11-21-2017, 03:29 PM
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Default Wheel and Tire Questions

Hi, everyone! I am brand new here, and will be the very first to admit that cars are not within my realm of expertise. Please forgive me if I come across as not being too bright.

My car is a black 2010 S40 2.4i, that was a retired demo car when I bought it in 2011. It had roughly 7700 miles on it when I bought it, and now has a little over 42,200. I really donít drive all that much. When I do drive, itís all in the city.

My issue is that I keep ending up with bent rims. This happened twice in 2015, after a particularly cold and wet winter, so the roads werenít in super great shape, and then again this past Sunday. Every time, it has happened to the wheel in the front passenger side position. In 2015, it was the same wheel both times. That wheel has since been rotated to the rear driverís side position, meaning that I now have two different wheels that have been damaged (the wheel damaged in 2015 has been repaired twice).

Yes, I accept my share of the responsibility, here. After the second bent rim in 2015, I actually stopped driving in the right hand lane, as that is where most of the potholes seem to be here (Dallas). I was in the left hand lane when I his whatever it was that bent the rim on Sunday. I was on a road that had recently been resurfaced, and did not see what I hit. I donít drink and drive, I donít text in the car or let myself get distracted by the radio or a/c. The roads here arenít perfect, but itís not like a city where I used to live where people actually broke axles hitting potholes.

So, my questions are: Could the chrome wheels have something to do with this? Is there any chance that they are more easily damaged than some of the other types of wheels? Also, could it be that my tires arenít offering adequate protection? The car came with Michelin sport tires that have a relatively low profile.

My options right now are fixing the wheel (if the damage is reparable), buying a new wheel (I have located someone online who is selling used matching wheels), or, if these wheels are known to be more prone to damage, getting a new set of more durable wheels. I am due to replace all of my tires soon, so if it would be helpful to get tires with a higher profile, I can do that, too.

Thank you so much in advance, and again, Iím sorry if I sound super dumb.

If itís helpful, here is a picture of the style of wheel Iím talking about. Itís not one of mine, but this is what mine look like.
Old 11-22-2017, 08:23 PM
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the bent rim is usually caused by the sidewall collaping upon impact allowing the metal to take the direct hit. The best way to avoid bent rims is to run higher tire pressure than what's on the filler door. I had a series of side wall blow outs on my 850 running factory PSI recommendations and it all stopped when I went up 5-7 PSI (running 36 in my VW CC now which has 235/45-17s). To fix or replace the rim, look for the part number or interchange number stamped on the inside of the wheel or google "chrome Zaurak Volvo". You can also work with a repair shop such as Wheel Collision Center Bath PA- Excellence in Refinished/Used Factory OEM Aluminum Alloy Wheel Rim Sales & Alloy Wheel Rim Straightening Repair Refinishing & Recycling! - www.oemfactoryrimwheel.com Excellence in Refinished/Used Factory OEM Aluminum A

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