New owner: OBDII 5 inc monitors

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Default New owner: OBDII 5 inc monitors

Hi. I'm new to this forum.

Just got this car to check out before I buy it. But I cannot tell if there are any codes yet. I suspect none because the check engine light is not on.

However, there are incomplete monitors, and that could be troublesome.

The battery was replaced and the codes reset, and the monitors as well naturally.

I've driven for over 100 miles and 5 of the 8 monitors are still incomplete. It's been that way from the first.

Other cars I've had did not take this long. Is there some special driving cycle that is needed in order to get the monitors to complete?

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Sorry, I forgot to add that it's a 1998 V70 GLE. 78K miles.
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Each module of the vehicle is capable of storing codes, but only the powertrain codes that meet the criteria of a "Check Engine" light will call for the light.

I typically scan all newly purchased vehicles for codes and most of them have latent codes in systems. Those codes are from a low battery, unexplained event in the past, power surge, or some other snafu that went down in history. I clear them and see if any return on a 20 mile test loop that we run.

The powertrain may report a "pending" code which means that the light will turn on soon. Those need investigated and repaired. A code in the central electronics module telling me that the power supply to the trunk latch was too high or too low is probably due to a dead battery in the past. Those codes remain in those modules until cleared.
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Yep Toni, That's been my experience in the past.

What I am finding frustrating is that after the battery was changed, all the codes were cleared. Now, after some 200 miles, I still have no codes -- and that I consider a good thing,

But I'm getting a reading from the State monitors of 3 ok, 5 inc, and 2 n/a. It's the 5 inc that has me concerned. No car I've had before took this long.
Is this some odd case?
Has nobody else run into such a problem?
Do have any recommendations that have been known to work before?
I may command it to erase codes and try again if necessary. But I'm naturally reluctant to do that just in case I'm about to hit some landmark.
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Here is a pic of the scan Tony. It's those 5 inc monitors that has me concerned. Included is the cat and oxygen sensors.
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Did you try a prescribed driving cycle? Here's one I found on an old post:

Part of all new car certification requires that the Readiness
Code monitors run to completion after following a standard
specified driving cycle. The drive cycle represented below, is
similar to this standard. You may find it necessary to drive
this complete cycle twice. An adequate cool down period
between the two separate driving cycles – generally 30
minutes – will assure that the various readiness monitors are
reset for the second driving cycle.

1.) Accelerate 0-50 MPH within 30 seconds
2.) Maintain 45-50 MPH for 20 minutes without using cruise control
3.) Park car turn of A/C idle for 5 minutes
4.) Accelerate 0-50 MPH within 30 seconds
5.) Maintain 45-50 MPH for 20 minutes without using cruise control
6.) Shut off car and allow to cool for 30 minutes before repeating cycle ( in some cases the car requires two cycles)

I recall from other posts that if you don't follow a relearn cycle it can take as much as 300 miles of driving to complete. (nothing scientific here, just a number that I recalled seeing)
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