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Default What's Your Fuel Mileage?

1999 V70 XC Canadian car with 354,555 km. I have been working extensively on it to catch up on maintenance and return to stage 0.

MY Combination city/highway mileage is coming in at 13.4L/100km (+/- 21 MPG) driving it real easy.

My son's 1998 V70R is averaging 11.6L/100km.
My three previous R ' s ('04, '05, '07 all 6spd) all averaged 11.5 to 12.5L/100. Newer yes, but way more power and usually drove them way harder.

Compression tested 13 to 14 bar (yes, I know, seems high but old gauge of very good quality from my dad, I think) across all cylinders and head gasket / valves were done 100,000 Km ago.

Recent work completed:
- PVC system complete with sump off to clean out PCV drain plus change sump o - rings
- Timing belt and water pump
- Air filter
- Fuel filter
- Spark plugs
- Cleaned ETM throttle body
- New used turbo (way less km! )
- New pre and post O2 sensors
- New welded in catalytic converter
- New used rear exhaust assembly (no holes!)
- Exhaust manifold off for a few helicoil inserts and new gaskets
- Re-welded downpipe flange
- Cleaned MAF

I am reluctant to change out any more parts (what's left other than MAF and ETM?) plus I am NOT GETTING ANY CODES and runs pretty good. Just seems very thirsty...

What is the mileage you are getting in either MPG or L/100?

Any ideas or suggestions or is this as good as I am going to see?

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Old 06-11-2015, 07:40 AM
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my tired old 98 XC w 230k miles gets about 21 mpg
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21 MPG is reasonable for a mix of in town driving. You can also consider refreshing transmission and differential oils with synthetics as well. Also what blend of gas do you use? The turbos are optimal on 91 octane (US) and will retard the spark if it detects pinging (cutting back on some efficiency). So if you run pump regular, the car will handle it but will make less power in some situations. Final thought is your tires. I tend to keep my tires 2-3 PSI higher than the factory spec...
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