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Default Volvo C70 Help Needed

Hi everyone,

I have a 2007 Volvo C70 that seems to have some problems. Back in May, I was driving on the highway when suddenly, smoke or steam (I can't remember) started coming from the hood and no matter how hard I stepped on the gas pedal, the vehicle would not accelerate. As a result, it ended up stopping and I had to put it in neutral and move it off to the side with the help of a police officer. Afterwards, I popped the hood open and saw that all the coolant I added in the night before was gone and when I tried to add more, all of it would disappear in a matter of minutes. What is also important is that the car's fan (I don't know which one) would continue to run even after I turned off the engine so I am guessing that the car overheated more than once. I was wondering if there was a fix to this problem or is the car completely gone? If someone can give me a response or general guidance in the following week, I would greatly appreciate it as I am going back to college in about 2 weeks and really need this car to be running again so I can continue to work at my job while juggling schoolwork. Thanks in advance!
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OK first question is can you see where the coolant is going out? ie any split hoses, cracks in the radiator seams, cracks in the overflow reservoir? Overheating could be caused by loss of coolant (ie one of the above), a failed thermostat, failed water pump or a blown head gasket or internal engine damage. You can try popping off the timing belt cover to see if there's any coolant weeping out from the pump that way. You should probably replace the thermostat with any overheating but you may need to test for any internal engine damage like a blown head gasket or a warped cylinder head. Any coolant in the oil? any oil in the coolant?
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