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2006 s40 t5 oil pressure light

Old 03-07-2015, 06:37 PM
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Default 2006 s40 t5 oil pressure light

Hello I am new to this and I just recently bought an 06 s40 t5 for my wife. Test drove it she fell in love. The car has 113000 miles on it and we did purchase a 2 year extended warranty with it. Here is my problem I'm running into. Start the car let it run for 10-15 minutes before leaving, drive around, after about 20-40 minutes of driving the oil pressure light comes on and the car sounds like a diesel. Let the car sit for a while usually over night start it up again and the same thing all over again it is fine for about the first half hour then the oil pressure light comes on and starts to sound like a diesel. The dealer already replaced the oil sending unit so I'm assuming that is not the issue. Does anyone have any insight on what the problem might be?
Old 03-08-2015, 10:04 AM
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Could be sludge in the oil pan. It gets picked up and clogs the screen after a few minutes. Then when you shut it off, it falls back down into the pan.
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That's kind of what I was thinking after reading a few forums that the oil pickup tube is picking up sludge and getting clogged then after the car sits it drops back down I will tell the dealer to check that thank you
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I would first try to flush the engine to remove carbon and sludge deposits from the oil pan, before you do an oil change buy a can of "Berryman" it's a white can with red and blue letters which you can find at Autozone or Walmart for around $ 4 you will just pour in your engine and run it for 10-15 minutes then change your oil and filter , it wouldn't hurt to put an oil treatment such as Lucas or Hyper oil .considering that you don't know how the previous owner serviced the car before,
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I would suggest your issue is wear in the engine or using the wrong grade of oil. As the as the oil heats up it gets thinner and that is why you get the symptoms you are experiencing. If the sludge was the issue then it would be somewhat random but yours appears to be related to temperature. Driving for 20-40 minutes gets the engine to temp and letting it sit overnight allows everything to cool again. Think back to the ambient temp when you drove and see if that could influence the 20-40 minutes.

If that is the case, oil grade would be the simplest issue to try. Make sure you choose a grade for your expected ambient temperatures.

If you do choose to add an engine 'cleaner', be aware it might loosen up so much debris in the engine that it could clog your filter and free up debris to move around inside your engine and possible aggravate your condition. Might be better to ask the dealer to spend an hour or two to remove the oil pan and look inside, as that will give you a definitive answer as to sludge present or not before you make it worse (potentially). This approach will also allow the debris that is too big to come out of the drain plug hole a chance to be removed (if it is that bad inside).
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