1986 Volvo 245 ( misfiring and pausing in acceleration)

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Thumbs down 1986 Volvo 245 ( misfiring and pausing in acceleration)

The main problem is very brief stalling out ( doesn't actually die, just can't accelerate for a couple of seconds), no power anymore and misfiring

So a couple weeks ago, my dist caps kept popping off. Replaced cap and rotor and kept popping off. So i replaced the distributor as a whole. Timed it myself and then took to a shop to double check.
And wouldn't idle right. So i replaced... ( Gonna' list everything )

Spark plugs.
Plug wires.
Air filter.
Maf ( swapped with a different one, did the same thing. So i put the old one back after cleaning)
Both fuel pumps. ( Main pump made noise before and now both are making noise)
Fuel filter.
Cap and rotor.
TPS ( rewired as well)
New injectors with fresh seals
Sealed all vacuum leaks.
New intake hose.

I personally feel like it's a fuel issue, but i don't understand why. I'm gonna' pull the line off the main pump to see if the in tank is ACTUALLY working, but anyone else have any ideas? All grounds are tight, fuses are good. Has me stumped at this point.. I rebuilt the engine about 2 years ago and it has never done anything like this and ran fine before the dist, which i don't know how because "apparently" i had the ignition timing way off.
New dist bad out of the box?
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It is very hard to diagnose a problem like this where the poster took out the parts cannon and went on a replacing spree only to discover that nothing had changed. Did ALL of these parts need to be changed? Why did the cap keep "popping off"? Two clips hold it on, was one of them bent out of shape? Surely both couldn't have been bad. Are you using reputable parts, not Asian ones? Just because a part is "new" doesn't mean it's good and better than an older OEM it is to replace.

As far as advice at this point, if you rebuilt an engine successfully you know quite a bit about these things. All I can say is, retrace your steps, make sure all parts are working right, and yes, a distributor out of the box could very well be bad--lots of bad sellers out there.
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Do you have a vacuum gauge? This, in my opinion is the greatest troubleshooting tool in the shop. You can even run it through the hood and as you drive can see what the engine is doing right at the stalling point.

What is the idle speed? Auto or manual trans?

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