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Old 08-20-2013, 01:49 PM
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Default Fitting a Yatour MP3 player to a SC901 and others

This guide is for an install to a SC901 head unit fitted into a Mk1 C70 . This should be the same for other models.
Its prob a good idea to disconnect the positive battery lead but make sure you have the radio code.
This is the basic model Yatour YT-M06 without the Bluetooth module. It retails for just over £50 delivered. The Bluetooth model is around £20 more.

Name:  P8200420.jpg
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On the box you get basic instructions diagrams. There is only one yellow wire to connect to the cars + wiring.

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The unit is very compact, about the size of a packet of cigarettes
Name:  P8200427.jpg
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On the front you have a USB and a SD slot. There is also a 3.5mm jack for connecting a mp3 player to play through the Yatour.
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The instructions say there is supposed to be an led on the rear panel but its not there. The micro USB port is for an optional Bluetooth adapter.
Name:  P8200430.jpg
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You get the Yatour connection lead and a small 3.5mm male jack to jack plug.
Name:  P8200428.jpg
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This is the Din socket which your going to plug into the multi changer socket on the SC901 head unit. The yellow lead is the power lead.
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First job is to remove the 6 Torx screws which hold the glove box. Carefully pull the box out. The light stays in the dash.
Name:  P8200425.jpg
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The next part is the mentally hardest bit to do as you have to drill a fair hole into the glove box. I used a cutter attachment on a drill.
Name:  P8200432.jpg
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It has to be largish to allow the Din plug through. You can now screw the glove box back into the car.

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Thread the lead through to the radio aperture allowing plenty of slack to attach the Yatour.
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Push in and then fully pull out the 2 handles on the sides of the SC901. Take care not to place too much strain on the connection wires. If you have the radio code you can remove them to make things easier.
Next find the yellow and purple wire (SC901) this has to be a positive live wire. You can use a scotch lock type connector but I found that my wiring had already been altered by a fitter installing the parking sensors so I had to solder mine.
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Next plug the din socket into the multi-changer socket in the back of the head unit. It goes in very firm with a reassuring click.

Name:  P8200438.jpg
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I mounted my Yatour using 3m Velcro type stick on tabs.
Name:  P8200439.jpg
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Remember if your going to use a USB stick to allow enough clearance for the glove box lid closing.

Name:  P8200442.jpg
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Load up your USB or SD card and create 6 files labelled CD01-CD06. These will be your virtual cdís. Load your MP3 tracks into the files. I am not sure on how many the 901 will support but I think its 100 tracks per file, may be 200 ?
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Thatís it. You plug in the USB or card and select CD6 on the 901. The first time I did this the 901 did not recognise the player so I had to remove the connection plug on the rear of the Yatour and plug it back in. It worked fine after that. It takes the Yatour around 5-6 seconds to access the files.
You simply use the 1-6 preset buttons to select the 6 files and the next button to skip tracks like you would with a normal cd.

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I ve found the sound to be as good as a CD.
If you get stuck without a radio code like me then follow this thread to FRF Motors who supplied me with a code in under 10 mins completely for free. Amazing service !
Radio/Stereo: - Radio Codes Please - Volvo Owners Club Forum
Hope this helps.
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Old 09-26-2013, 12:01 PM
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Awesome tutorial!
Quick question:
Have you tried using the Aux port to play music and if so how well does it play?

Thank you
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Old 09-27-2013, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Matthew Baumann View Post
Awesome tutorial!
Quick question:
Have you tried using the Aux port to play music and if so how well does it play?

Thank you
Sorry Matthew I am afraid I ve not used the aux port. :-(

The 3.5mm input is only a play through line in so you would still need to select tracks on your ipod or phone etc.

I can confirm that the sound through the USB mp3 is as good as a modern CD and far better than FM radio.
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