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Old 09-11-2006, 02:39 AM
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Default 2000 S40 Shifting wierd

Hi all I am new, but been lurking and reading a few months.

I have a 2000 s40 that only has 35,600 miles. It stopped idling on a trip once
and they replaced a hose and a "TCM" and took them 2 hours and calling the
factory rep to turn off the check engine light.

It came back on, so I took it back and they said was a temporary code and reset
it. It came back on within 15 miles and now is permanently on. And the idle dips
and has even stalled at traffic lights.

Well that has not worried me too much..But now the car is shifting gears weirdly
and at a low speed when you let off the accelerator suddenly I am noticing a
slight "clunk" that was not there before.

This was my Grandmother's car and has never been ran hard, but I do not drive
it much. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. I am taking it in
Tuesday, and am fearing "The transmission is bad" I am hoping is not that
serious as it does run fine, just is shifting differently.

Sorry so long, but has been worrying me.
Thanks so much
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Old 09-11-2006, 08:47 PM
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Default RE: 2000 S40 Shifting wierd

Has it had any Software upgrades?
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Old 09-12-2006, 02:15 AM
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Default RE: 2000 S40 Shifting wierd


I have went through all the records and only found this at 3,184 miles May 2000

ck engine light on
cause 50
28464-3 Ignition and Fuel Injection Fault Tracing
10 WV

36001-2 Diagnostic trouble Codes (DTCS) Reading and Resetting VST/VCT (B)

Other than the Re-Call 129 is the only thing different than scheduled maint.

Here is what last service says when quit idling:

Performed system testing. Found hole in Fresh Air Hose

Unable to Clear Stored Code ECM-76 After Repairs per line 1
of this RO.
Contacted Orlando at Volvo Tech Support concerning this issue.
Directed to Disconnect and Attach Battery Leads Together for
15 Minutes and Attempt to Clear Code. If This Process does not Clear Code,
Replace TCM. Apparent Cause of Trouble Due to VIDA Creating Code in
ECM For the TCM.
All Attempts Unsuccessful to Clear Code, Replaced TCM
Cleared Code and Road Tested.

That was 11/08/05 at 34,247 miles. At 35,600 I have only driven the car
about 1,400 miles since then.

I called and found out the main Advisor I have dealt with is off Today,
so will go Wednesday. He has been very nice and has not charged me
for checking A/C etc, and even on the last bill above was not charged
for the TCM it said warranty and this car is way outside of warranty and was not
even purchased from them.

Thanks for your help sincerely,
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Old 09-12-2006, 12:25 PM
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Default RE: 2000 S40 Shifting wierd

There is a TSB on the TCm which has an upgraded TCM. The complaint is for harsh 3-2 (gear #) downshift and a 2-3 upshift flare (trans seeming to hang up for a second). Neither item sets a code in the TCM that is original as the TCM is operating the way it was designed to in the software. The shop may have replaced the TCm with an old one. Another possiblity is that the trans way flushed ( or fluid exchanged) with the incorrect fluid. Some shops, including mine before I took over, are using trans fluids that are multi line- whcih means they can service many types of ATF including the Toyota T-IV fluid type. Toyota T-IV is the same as Volvo fluid (spec JWS-3309) and will work, however the multi line fluids do not work for the Volvo due to the fiber/paper type clutches as per the Pennzoil hotline oil representative ( I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Toyota or Volvo ATF).

The stalling issue sounds odd, and you should report to a dealer or independent Volvo shop that has a VADIS (ask for it by name) computer/scanner to properly diagnose codes and clear old ones out. An old code stored, even though the trouble is fixed can still fool the computer into reading it and reacting to the code. To find out about the TCM TSB call the dealer and if they are no help either Tech or myself can provide you with the campaign number ( I am off today)
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