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2002 S80 T-6 good buy?

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Default 2002 S80 T-6 good buy?

I just bought but haven't picked up my car and I have some questions. This car has 63,000 miles on it and in beautiful condition. I do have 5 day money back guarantee and I am planning on taking it to our mechanic, I hope he works on them. I wanted the car because I drive all day long in my car and I put on about 150 miles per day average. I wanted comfort and style.I know if I take care of the car it should take care of me, I hope! But are there questions I should ask? I see now I should have asked about the 60,000 mile servicing, I'll ask Wed. I choose this over a 2002 Acura TL 3.6 series S with only 12,000 miles on it. I hope I made the right choice the Volvo is 18,500 no haggle at carmax and the Acura was 22,900. I just fell inlove with the comfort and the kick of the volvo. They wanted 1,999 for an extended warantee that would really only cover me for about a year. Is there a better option for getting a warantee somewhere else? I would be very greatful for any help. Have a great day!
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Default RE: 2002 S80 T-6 good buy?

I own a 2000 S80 T6 with 127K miles on it. The 99 and 2000 have had their share of problems, but your 2002 as may not be trouble free, should have a lot less problems than the earlier models. I wouldn't give the dealer $3,500 to take back a car that could go 300,000 miles or more. You got a great car, just so happens you have a small problem that hasen't been fiqured out yet. Give it some time, don't rush to trade back to the Stealer. I wish I had a 2002. My 2000 is the best car I have ever owned and I love the ride. Good luck and keep us posted on what you do. Later!
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Default RE: 2002 S80 T-6 good buy?

I bought a certified S80 T-6 in November for the same reasons you did with 68,000 miles. The moonroof rattles bad on rough roads and guess what is not covered in the certified warranty? Front windows stopped rolling down (they are covered) and just last week the door key lock stopped working, then started, then stopped, then, you get the idea. I have 80,000 on it now and with no other problems.
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Default RE: 2002 S80 T-6 good buy?

Mikeys, wasn't there another poster that had the $3500 option on a buyback?

Listen, getting a 2000 T6 for $6500 and then having to sink $1-2k into it is not all that bad, but purchasing a car for nearly 20 grand and then having to sink money into it would turn most of us off!

Is there a reason that Volvo has ditched the T6? Whether it's a 99/00 or an 02, you're going to have to sink some money into it to keep it up. It's the little peculiarities that'll cause you grief. The Acura TL with the 3.2 type S is a nice car, too. I doubt you'll have as much trouble with it, but I don't think it's worth what they're asking for it, IMO.

The fact that you're asking about a better (probably longer, too) warranty tells me that you have reservations about the S80. If so, don't go through with getting one (you'll need a strong stomach if you buy it).
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Default RE: 2002 S80 T-6 good buy?


Mikeys, wasn't there another poster that had the $3500 option on a buyback?

It seems like there was but can't remember. I have owned about 30 vehicles and with my experience, almost all dealers will want at leat $3K to take a vehicle back. But this guy hasn't taken delivery of the vehicle yet, he said he had a 5 day window for return. Tommorow is his final day, I wander what his decission was?
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Default RE: 2002 S80 T-6 good buy?

I picked up a 2002 T-6 in November with 11K miles on it and it is fine.
It is my 2nd T-6. The other one had 68K trouble free miles. So my experiences were good enough to buy another one. I do suggest either a certified one or an extended warranty because I believe repairs are quite expensive.
The sunroof will rattle, but they can tighten it. In fact, I believe they have a replacement kit for the hardware, which both of my T6's needed, but I paid for neither.
Good luck with it.
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