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Advice purchasing S80 3.2

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Default Advice purchasing S80 3.2

Hi all, I am looking for a very clean s80 and found a few in my prince range. All cars are in mint condition. However, I noticed that gas mileage is not the same in all years, and a few other things. The cars I am looking at:
2009 3.2 with 52k miles (Adaptive cruise control)
2010 3.2 with 110k miles and all the options available except for 4c suspension. I really like this one, it's super clean and super loaded.
2012 3.2 with 67k miles and all the goodies/electronics that the 2012 has. Rear view camera, maybe Apple play? Also, I understand this one does 30MPG. NO adaptive CC

Hard for me to decide. A priori I would go with the one with lower miles BUT is worse on gas and does not come with the goodies that 2010-2012 do, plus is a 10 year old car.
I really love the 2010 for its looks and the premium 650watt sound, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, gorgeous wheels, paint and interior combo.
2012 is appealing because it's a newer car.
That said, which year is the best? does it make a difference? The one with few miles is 10 years old. Should I be concerned with rubber parts and engine seals/ mounts wearing or getting old?
Obviously the options are something personal (i don't care for the air ventilated seats at all) I just want to know if one year is better than the other and... does the 2009 have USB aux? Is teh t6 any better? (aside from the speed, obviously. I am looking for reliability /few trips to the shop).
Thanks in advance.
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I will offer this limited advice. I've seen people pay a steep premium for a lower mileage unit and after two years of driving, you have the same miles as the other car and those extra dollars are up in smoke. Low mileage, in my experience, also means lack of maintenance. I'd rather have a higher mileage well maintained unit any day than a lower mileage one that is either due or overdue for things.
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Also saw a 2012 T6 with 127k miles. Makes me think: is Sensus really worth it?
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I think with any pre-owned car is access to the maintenance history. If a car has 100K miles but has a full book of all factory maintenance its good for another 100K+. If a car has 60K with no history you have no clue what if any was done. If you have history on both, then it would come down to the price/value. KBB is a good resource for estimating the added depreciation and wear for the 100K car vs the 60K car, then you can adjust your offer accordingly. I don't think you have a bad option on the list here. As to the electronic features, you really need to discount the coolness factor. For example, none of my cars have a factory navigation system - but my cell phone does and can blue tooth into the car. I don't need touch screen stuff when I'm driving thank you very much as I prefer to watch where I'm going. Features I find useful are things like 1) back up camera 2) collision detection 3) blue tooth / phone integration 4) SD memory player (my VW has this and I can store 32G worth of MP3s - about 22 days of non stop music). Note that BMW is forever being slammed for their i-Drive design...
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Thank you, tony and mt6127 for the input! In my experience with Volvo, I rather buy more miles but newer. I had a 2006 xc90 2.5 and all kinds of silly stuff kept breaking (gas tank sensor, alarm system, window seal and what not! Mechanically it was fine. Ah, the last thing to break was the cd player... that said, I feel like Volvos don't age well and I am skeptical about buying one more than 8 years old.
ot sure how different that is on this newer generation (P3). They seem better built...
1. At what mileage does the s80 need new spark plugs?
2. struts?
Any other big maintenance item to keep in mind at around 100k miles?

Thanks in advance. Two of the aforementioned cars are in a BMW dealer. Carfax shows some degreee of oil changes and service in Volvo official dealers. However, you know how sometimes Carfax can go silent misteriously for a year... maybe service performed elsewere or at home.
I do not car for electronics much either, but when I saw that cars with Sensus, you can even see malfunctions or gas tank level from you iphone... well, i began looking at them differently. Also like the auto-stop feature on the 2012.
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