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Buying used- t6?

Old 11-21-2007, 10:29 PM
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Default Buying used- t6?

Im looking at one with 119k miles on it. Looks nice, and the carfax report has nothing bad to say. With the amount of ****ty reviews that can be seen on theese things, are they jsut a few bad eggs? or is this just an unreliable car?

So would it be worth buying considering its in fairly decent condition? Im a mechanic, mostly familiarized with european cars, so if it breaks down, it wont be a price object but just a pain in my *** so id like tomaybe make a good decision here.

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Default RE: Buying used- t6?

What year is it?

Old 11-21-2007, 10:37 PM
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Default RE: Buying used- t6?

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Default RE: Buying used- t6?

This is a very problematic car.

Oil leaks, CEL issues, ABS ECU failure, Throttle Module failure, suspension problems, transmission problems etc.

Not only is this a first model year, of which I never recommend, it was a major jump forward for automobiles. It has a completely networked computer system called the CAN system. It has around 15 computers all networked together. It's a good idea, and it works well, but the early cars had alot of bugs. Software fixes alot of problems, but the modules can be pricey if they need to be replaced, and finding someone with the tools and ability to address problems with it is difficult.

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Default RE: Buying used- t6?

Nope... I wouldn't take it for free. My theory is, even if you are familiar with the mechanics of euro cars, it is just a pain in the neck to spend a ton of time fixing it. 99 S80 suck big time. They look good though.
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Default RE: Buying used- t6?

I have a '00 S80 T6. 121k miles. Only problem I've had is the ABS Module. I've heard alot of S80's have that problem. Meh, dunno.
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Default RE: Buying used- t6?

I've got an '01 T6 that I've owned since around 68k miles until 90k which it just hit today and my biggest problem has only been replacing O2 sensors. I'm actually selling the car too, if you're located around Chicago I'd gladly show it to you.
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Default RE: Buying used- t6?

Ended up picking a 2000 t6 up, 87000 miles, got a warranty until about june, ABS and front suspension has already been replaced, its been owned by women all of its life, and its damn clean.

Last question, i sware to god- Are the turbos that loud? if theyre actually spooling up theyre the quietest things ive ever heard.
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Default RE: Buying used- t6?

99 is a real bad yr. anything can go wrong will go wrong on that car... Was my dream car when i first enter the field of fixingVolvo. But after 5 yrs of seeing the things that can go wrong I would not pay a cent for it. If I get it for free I don't mind it but it will still be a pain, lots of labour and expansive parts will be involveto fix it up to get it road worthy.
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