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Rubbing and Clanking

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Default Rubbing and Clanking

* First just want to say, your forums here are great, I've used them several times without having to even make a post because the information was readily available *

Very recently I've noticed a couple of things have arisen from my car (It's a 2000 S80 T6) and I was hoping for a bit of insight on potential problems.

#1 I've noticed when turning my wheel fully to the right a rubbing sound while turning, and when turning to the left fully a (forgive me for not being able to more accurately describe it) wha-wha-wha sound and slightly metallic sounding, almost like it could be swaying, even though I feel nothing, if that makes sense.

#2 Recently I've noticed when driving that I will hear what seems like a metal on metal type of clank noise on what I think is my front left portion of the car, at first I thought it may be a loose strut connection in the front that is just making contact as I go over bumps, I've noticed since then however that it seems to almost happen randomly and with no real correlation to going over bumps.

#3 When driving the car home this past week down the highway I started to hear and feel what I initially felt could be a flat tire, the tire didn't go flat but that's the feeling/sound impression I got at first, only to have it stop making the sound for no reason I can seem to figure out. I got home, and haven't driven the car since for fear of some type of permanent damage to the car, wheel well, tires, or maybe the suspension.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not a car expert by any stretch of the imagination, so the above is mostly speculation, but there are my observations and if anyone can provide any insight. I'd greatly appreciate it. The suspension doesn't seem loose, but again I'm no expert.

It has also come to my attention that I may have over inflated my tires due to an inaccurate gauge at an air station. (problem #1 occurred prior to this, but #2/#3 both started after the airing up)
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Default RE: Rubbing and Clanking

Sounds like the wheel bearings to me...
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Default RE: Rubbing and Clanking

#2. Inspect the front subframe. I had a similar issue. The rear bushes of the subframe were worn out.
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Default RE: Rubbing and Clanking

It could be many things here is where I would start.

1. Check the steering stops on the control arms. There is stops that screw to the front of the control arm.

2. Check spring seat and sway bar links.

3. Check wheel bearing drive it again around the block or something and see if the noise starts over 35MPH.
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Default RE: Rubbing and Clanking

also check the torque setting of your lug nut-bolts, they can get loose and send you in all kinds of directions trying to find the problem, I know this by experience.
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