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Sludge Build Up

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Default Sludge Build Up

This is my first post and I want to say that I love my 2001 S80 2.9. I bought it in October 2004 with 45K miles and have recently crested 90K miles. I've had very few problems, but recently took it into the dealer when the check engine light came on withan oil pressure problem. The dealerreplaced my "oil pick up tube seals" and everything appeared kosher. They took it for a test spin and the same oil pressure warning popped up. Now they are telling me that upon further inspection they have found sludge in the engine and are recommending an engine replacement that is not covered by my extended (non-factory) warranty. The dealer is blaming inferior oil filters (non-factory) and infrequent oil changes. While I have not been diligent about getting oil changes every 3,000 miles I have been getting them every 6,000 - 8,000 miles and thought that would suffice. Someone please lend some advice! Is this my fault, a common occurrence or should I be going back to my extended warrranty company and asking for them to pay. Thanks! (Sorry for the long post).
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Default RE: Sludge Build Up

Volvo made a really bad call going to the 7,500 service intervals.
On a Non-turbo the oil should be changed every 5,000 miles.
On turbo cars it should be changed every 3,000 miles.

They should have seen the sludge when they dropped the oil pan.
I have had some luck using the engine flush stuff a couple of times in the motor.
That will help some.

Volvo will never admit that the intervals are to long. But I have seen this a ton of times.
I would look for an indipendant shop in your area that would either try to desludge or replace with a used motor for alot cheaper.
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Default RE: Sludge Build Up

I have always changed my oil and filter at 3000 miles, my cars are as follows, 1996 saab 9000- 160,000m, 1985 peugeot 505 155,000m, 1976 v.w.bus 180,000, 2000 volvo s80 116,000m, I also try to take care of my fleet, fresh fluids are important to long life with cars.
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Default RE: Sludge Build Up

I've heard of using Seafoam to help remove some sludge, but I don't know. I used it in all my Hondas and they all took the treatment well, but I don't know how sensitive Volvo engines are, TECH would probobly know better
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Default RE: Sludge Build Up

I also would like to know the best way to remove sludge. I've read that adding ATF Fluid prior to an oil change works and also AUTO-RX. My fear is breaking loose some big gobs and plugging the turbo lines.
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Default RE: Sludge Build Up

ATF might help some as well.
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Default RE: Sludge Build Up

I have used ATF on several different models of cars, including my 2000 S40 Turbo. The important part is not to leave it in long. Change oil and filter, add 1 quart ATF with oil, run for about 10-15 min, drain, change filter and oil. I've never had any problems, but received some negative feedback about it. See a thread, "cream on dipstick." Anyway, works for me.
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Default RE: Sludge Build Up

I have a very good remedy for removing sludge and it's safe for the engine..get some 10w 30 Pennzoil, do 3 3000 mile changes. Then go back to what ever you were using. I know you probably don't like Pennzoil, but it is good for cleaning up the engine. You can also use Castrol GTX, however, would not reccommend it because it cleans to FAST and cleans the engine way to good to the point of hurting th seals in the engine. May have leaks afterwards., don't want that. I would go back to Mobile 1 Extended Performance, I did this in my Lexus SC400 and worked great. Good Luck..Happy Motoring
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Write to the Attorney General. Your extended warranty will weasel out of paying on an an oil contamination clause as mine did. I had all my oil changes done at the dealer as per vlovo rec's and my engine seized with 48000 mi. I am having my engine replaced at no charge thru my dealer. There is a technical bulletin out on these engines no. 20-05. Volvo has a problem and they need to step up and help these consumers. The engines run hot and fry the oil and hence sludge. Problem with the pollution control devices as they relate to air intake and cooling the engine.
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