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Old 09-11-2018, 09:46 PM
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Default Oxygen and Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement

I am getting the following trouble codes for my 04 xc90. P0103 Mass Air Flow Sensor and P0150 Oxygen Sensor. Im also getting a P0740, P0299, and some misfire codes. Is it possible the bad oxygen sensor could throw codes for other things? Also it seems like most people recommend I use Mass Air Flow Cleaner on the MAF Sensor instead of replacing it. Good idea? Is there an alternative option to replacing the oxygen sensor too? There definitely seems to be issues with intake etc. Its running rough at times and eating up gas. Stalls after starting and or idles super high before settling down. Figured I would address these codes first and then move on. Any advice would be much appreciated I'm new at the DIY mechanic stuff. But excited to learn. Thanks in advance!
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Old 09-12-2018, 08:38 PM
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I start with a cleaning of the MAF with the correct type of cleaner. If that doesn't work, I typically change the MAF.

The oxygen sensor cannot be properly diagnosed until the MAF is clear (unless the sensor is dead).
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Old 09-13-2018, 03:37 PM
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its not uncommon for a mixture issue to throw a happy meal of codes. Start by cleaning the MAF, idle air valve etc using something like CRC MAF cleaner (standard carb cleaner may damage the wire grid in the MAF). Next I'd look around for air leaks - vacuum lines, torn boots etc. After that, reset all your codes and see what resets. Generally speaking O2 sensors fail when either the heater element breaks down or if the sensor itself goes (typcially via an open circuit). I discount the advise that suggests you can clean your sensor or that it goes off by a little... The error codes will tell you if the sensor is not found or that the heating element is open or shorted or if the O2 sensor is "out of range". This last fault means that the sensor's input into the ECU can not fully compensate for the mixture issue. If your MAF is bad or you have a major intake air leak, the O2 sensor can't adjust enough and throws a code. Fix the upstream issue and the O2 sensor is happy and the code won't reappear.
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Old 09-14-2018, 10:46 AM
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I have only had maybe one out of six MAF cleanings do any good. Most of the time we end up installing a new MAF and with the cost of those coming down so low, it probably is best to install a new one anyway.

On any of these vehicles with more than 50k miles, we recommend a thorough off-the-engine throttle body cleaning.
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