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New to me Volvo

Old 08-22-2018, 09:14 AM
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Default New to me Volvo

Hello, I just got a 1998 Volvo V70GLT with 2.5L turbo. I got it from a friend who said it had a water leak. I found the leak this morning. It is a hose from a coolant line to the middle of the turbo. The hose busted at the hose clamp that attaches to the coolant line(#7 in coolant picture, one of two nipples on one side). The hose seems to be pretty squishy. All the coolant lines seem to be soft and pliable. The car has 222,944 miles when I bought it this last weekend. I used almost 5 gallons of water to get it the 15 miles home, I refilled the coolant reservoir when the low light would come on. I had seen some people make comments about maintenance to the water pump. How would I know if I need to do that? What other maintenance do I need to know about? Thanks!
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So first thing is to fix the hose that is leaking. You can shop Volvo friendly online stores like FCP Euro, EEuroparts, Tasca Parts (a dealer web store with great prices for genuine Volvo parts). People also recommend Rock Auto, AZ Autohaus and IPD USA.

Next is the question on the water pump. To check the water pump you need to remove the timing belt cover (there's a 12mm bolt in the center and then the cover slides up and out). You can remove the front passenger tire and fold back the wheel liner door to get a good look. If you see water dripping from the center bearing seal, you need a new pump. The more general topic is your question "what else do I need to know". Here, the big topic is regarding timing belt maintenance. Generally these cars need the timing belts replaced at 10 years or 110,000 miles. Considering your car is 20/220,000, the timing belt is due or should have been done recently. Standard timing belt maintenance includes the belt, idler and tensioner but you can also get a kit that includes the water pump. If you believe the pump is original and you are planning to have the timing belt replaced, then that's time to to replace the pump. If the pump looks like its been replaced once already, just do the belt/idler/tensioner. Also have your tech inspect cam seals/front main seal for any weeping. The number two maintenance item on these cars is the PCV system. If the engine ports and PCV tubing get clogged the crankcase pressure will push out through the seals - including the oil cap, dip stick, cam seals. There are simple tests like the "rubber glove test" to test for PCV blockage. Check for the sticky posted on proper PCV R+R (either on the V70 or 850 board). This is a somewhat involved procedure as it involved lifting the intake manifold to access the hoses and oil trap, then cleaning out the engine's ports to degunk. Its also worth considering dropping the oil pan to get at all the gunk in the bottom end when doing the PCV. Last thing is the transmission fluild. Check the color and smell. If it looks to be original, do a single drain fill with the correct transmission fluid noted in the owners manual (ie most FWD Aisin transmissions use JWS3309 but you'd want to verify).
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Mechanically it's almost an 850, so I would say read the 850 new owners thread. Excellent suggestions there.
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Unhappy Water

I replaced the rear exhaust cam seal. There was a pretty new looking on that was not seated well. It was cocked at an angle. I put the new one in and seated it flush.
Put everything back together and ran the engine at idle for some time. Did not see any oil leaking. I checked the oil level in engine and looks ok, but seems to have water
in the oil. I am think that by the water droplets on the dip stick and when I pulled the dipstick while running, it appears that steam is coming out the dipstick and also see
steam or something coming out the vehicle exhaust.
I took the car for a short spin and noticed the temperature rise to just under the red marks when the rpms were about 3000. Rpms go down to 2500 and the temperature pointer went back to mid range. The 3000 rpms were while climbing up a hill at about 50 mph.

Any ideas or suggestions on how yo fix this or what the problem is?
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is the car consuming any coolant? water in the oil ie foaming on the dipstick could be condensation or it could be signs of a head gasket issue. You may want to do an HC test for the coolant (checks for unburn fuel in the coolant) - kits cost about $40... if that comes up bad, then its pointing to the head gasket.
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Default New Member Just Saying Hi

Just registered for the forum and thought I'd say hello! This past Saturday, bought my wife a Certified 2015 XC60 with 37,000 miles on the clock. Seemed to get a pretty good deal as compared with the cost of new. Our purchase was between a Land Rover Discovery Sport and the XC60. After driving it around over the weekend, I think we made the right choice.

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