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Why Can't You Live

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Default Why Can't You Live

These are hardly new insights, however, and Richard Price’s screenplay makes unnecessarily complicated work of juggling the characters’ ever-changing fates — confusions made no more elegant in director Espinosa’s handling of the action. Watch Monsters Dark Continent Online

At one point, Leo and Raisa find themselves rearrested and thrust upon a crowded boxcar, wherein an unintelligible fight breaks out, leaving a number of thugs dead and audiences scratching their heads. Watch The Dead Lands Online

Meanwhile, Leo has wholly shifted his attention to solving a mystery that the film itself seems only half-heartedly interested in acknowledging. Watch True Story 2015 Online

Normally, he’d be racing against time to prevent the Rostov Ripper from striking again, but here, the suspense springs from an increasingly deranged Vasili, who inexplicably wants to stop Leo from stopping the serial killer. Watch Child 44 Online

Through it all, the cast play their parts in earnest, especially Hardy, who may be playing a gorilla in a Three Stooges haircut, but pulls it off with the conviction of a young Marlon Brando. Watch Unfriended Online

He’s as devoted to the role as Leo is to his wife, and you can’t help but feel sorry for the guy — both actor and character — as noble intentions blind his better judgment. Watch Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 Online

It couldn’t have been easy to nail that angst-gorged Russian purr, even if the prevailing trend is now to let foreign characters speak in their native tongues, rather than like immigrants who can’t seem to shake a heavy accent. Watch Furious 7 Online

For her part, Rapace unmasks several interesting dimensions of Raisa’s character, whose intentions aren’t entirely clear at first. Watch Fast & Furious 7 Online

In a powerful scene late in the film, we learn that she agreed to marry not for love, but out of simple self-preservation, which makes every subsequent decision she makes a potential revelation, even if they’re headed in a more or less predictable direction. Download Fast And Furious 7 Movie

Considering how critical it has been of the U.S.S.R. until this point, “Movie” has a curious idea of a happy ending, making way for Smith’s next two installments, while leaving the system nearly as broken as they found it. Watch Home 2015 Online

There is a telling exchange midway through Movie which sums up just why the film simply can’t work as the thriller it wants to be. Watch The Longest Ride Online

The Soviet secret police agent “hero” Leo (Tom Hardy) discovers he and his wife Raisa (Noomi Rapace) are about to be arrested. Watch Get Hard Online

“Do you know what happens to us now?” he asks her. “Yes, it is our turn,” she replies in an utterly fatalistic fashion. Watch Cinderella Online

The early 50s USSR of Movie is is a nightmarish, Kafka-esque society in which everyone denounces everyone else and “guilt” is endemic. Watch Insurgent Online

It is just a case of when you are found out and accused of being a spy. Families and friends, husbands and wives, turn on one another by rote. Watch Chappie Online

Once prominent officials are arrested, tortured and then killed or sent into exile. “There can be no murder in paradise” is the ironic slogan in a country in which the Government commissions murder on a daily basis. Watch Ex Machina Online

That’s why, when a serial killer targets young boys, the authorities show no interest in investigating and can’t even believe such a figure exists. Watch Fifty Shades of Grey Online

After all, when the state monopolises the killing, there should be no space for private individuals to intrude in the homicide business. Watch Kingsman The Secret Service Online

As Vincent Cassel’s doggedly loyal Soviet apparatchik puts it at one stage, “murder is strictly a capitalist disease”. Watch The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Online

In such a bleak and distorted world, it is perverse to try to tell a whodunit story with conventional heroes and villains - and yet that is what this misguided and contradictory film attempts. Watch The SpongeBob Movie Sponge Out of Water Online

Some elements here are effectively handled. Swedish director Daniel Espinosa (working with producer Ridley Scott) portrays 50s Russia as a grim totalitarian state in which everything is grey. Watch Focus Online

There is no sunshine. It’s as if primary colours have been strained out on Stalin’s orders. During the final reel showdown, both hero and villain are so covered in mud that they are indistinguishable from one another. Watch It Follows Online

Stalin-era Moscow is shown as an oppressive city in which the dour expressions of the characters seem to be matched by the architecture and the clothing of the inhabitants. Watch While We're Young Online
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