Volvo S70 Made from 1998 to 2000, this sporty model replaced the 850 sedan and instantly became a hit.

2000 S70 - Need advice please! :-)

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Smile 2000 S70 - Need advice please! :-)

Hello all! I have a 2000 S70 that I really LOVE to drive. Only has about 119,000 miles on it. I am the second owner. The first owner kept it in great shape and garaged, etc. One thing after another, all original parts I am told, just keep going one after another. In June, had an ignition coil done... getting another one done today. Just had to pay for a welding job and a fuel filter too. This is my 4th job in just a few months. I do not drive very much and I never abuse my car in any way.

Anyone else have this same make and year? Having similar issues? Is it worth all these repairs?
Is there a newer model similar to the 850?
I had a 4WD S60 for about a year and couldn't stand it... sold it and got the one I have now.

Before that, I had a 1998 850 -- gave me no problems at all, except for the years I had it, the mass air flow sensor went 3 times. Other than that, it just kept going. When I bought this S70, I got it because it was the last car Volvo made of this same build and I cannot adjust to the way any other car feels. Anyone else is the same boat... or did you find a newer Volvo to be happy with?

Today, I am getting a copy of all my bills since 2016 -- so, I can come up with an average of what I spend yearly. I really could use the wisdom and experience many of you have here. Thank you! :-)
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What you are describing as repairs is generally nothing unusual. You mention a coil pack, another one, fuel filter and some welding. Each of these are maintenance items. If you got 18 years out of the OEM coils, you did well. When the first one failed, I would have replaced them all, spark plugs too. You can buy the coil packs for about $8 each online and get good quality.

The fuel filter is a maintenance item.

Sounds like you have done well with an 18+ year old car.
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If you owned a 98 850, can I assume you are Canadian? the S70s and 850 share many design elements with the evolution in the engine introducing the direct coil ignition in the S70s then the VVT (variable valve timing) '99. The problem with mass airflow sensors is two fold 1) the way it works is there's a wire grid that is cooled by airflow and it can get dirty - typically by a clogged PCV system allowing some oil filming 2) the cars have proven sensitive to after market brands that fit but are not quite the same as original. Also, I agree with Tony and the coils/plugs. coil packs are generally good for 100 to 150K miles and are coming down in price vs years ago so if you do one, you should simply do them all. If you haven't done the plugs recently, its a good time to also drop in some OEM plugs (iridium / platinum triple electrode bla bla bla don't really prove any advantage). Plugs should be good for 75K miles in a direct coil engine so do all this and enjoy 5 more years... While in there look around for any signs of oil on the top of the engine - that's an indicator of the PCV system clogging up. The only other new thing vs the 850s is the 2000s introduced the ETM (electronic throttle mechanism). The ETMs also can be sensitive to dirt and need an occasional cleaning. If they throw a check engine code the unit may need to have its contacts replaced (kits and mail away shops will do this). Assuming your car had its timing belt changed at ten years, you should be good for another 2-3 years there. Only other typical issue is rubber hoses (vacuum lines) etc can crack after 18 years so if you get a lumpy idle, this is likely it.
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If you don't work on your own car, I don't recommend a old FWD/AWD Volvo.
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