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2002 S80 2.9 CV Shaft

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Default 2002 S80 2.9 CV Shaft

Hello all, Found another issue with the New S80. Under acceleration and up hill I notice a shaking vibration in the Right Front. When i let off the gas it goes away. Im suspecting CV shaft but until the S40 Beast is out of my garage I cannot properly inspect it. My questions are. Does the 2.9 have multiple right CV options for the right front? How do I know which one I have. and Does a how-to exist for replacing the CV shaft. Im hoping to get lucky and find some idiot put a $9.00 Split Boot kit in to replace a torn boot.
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Yeah the problem is the right side axle that has gone bad. As for your other questions I'm afraid I can not help you. Try calling the dealer to see if there is a difference in axles with the 4t65 transmissions
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Never had a CV axle go out. But I did do the control arms on my S60 which is same chasis and everything. I accidently pulled out the CV Axle because I didn't have the car jacked up evenly on both sides doing suspension work. Dummy me. But, it is relatively easy to get to. For the most part you just need to make sure when you replace it or even if you just check it that you add more grease and you need to find a good metal clam to put back over the boot, sometimes requires a special tool.

However, based on what you are saying. I don't know the vehicle history. But when you have vibrations like you describe it sounds like a suspension issue to me. When these era cars get up over 130k the rubber in the Engine Mount begins to crack and needs to be replace, the transmission mount has the same thing and sometimes needs to be replace. The bushings in the control arms tend to go (I don't think that would cause vibration like you mention). Then sometimes the Sub frame bushing begin to wear out. (If it happens to be the Sub frame bushings, there is a polyurethane insert IPD USA sells. Much cheaper and has great reviews).

If you do some you tube searches. There are videos on how replace all these components. Pretty straight forward if you have a metric tool set, some extensions and torque wrench. The only exception is replacing the control arms. It is doable by yourself but it is not easy.
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Vibration on acceleration is a common problem caused by the right side axle.
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I just remembered also. You might check the stabilizer bar where the engine mount is. I replaced my engine mount not to long ago and it was vibrating like crazy. I decided to take off the stabilizer bar and tighten it down a bit. There should be some give in it. But the hard vibrations I got before basically went away.

Just a simple thing to do to cross off the checklist.
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I have a 2002 non-turbo S80. have replaced both drive shafts. I want to say its not difficult, but I guess that depends on your skill and experience level, and what tools you have on hand.

There are two different driveshafts for the passenger side. One is a solid shaft with bearing, but the other has a visco clutch built in with the bearing. It is debatable which cars had the visco clutch- some say only turbo cars. My recommendation is to just use the same type you have now.

A bad CV joint can cause vibration, but you would likely hear some pretty nasty sounds by the time it got that bad. I have had a shake during acceleration and braking due to worn out front control arm bushings. the rear bushing typically goes first, and allows the control arm to pivot on the front bushing.

My experience with these cars is when all the rubber bushing are good- engine, transmission, control arms, torque rod, subframe, etc... these things are quiet, smooth, enjoyable. When they start wearing out, it can introduce a variety of disturbing symptoms- vibration, noise, harshness. And there is a lot to wear out and replace. In addition, the plastics in these cars are crappy, and used far to often in stress related hinges, latches, window mounts, etc.... IMO, the only way I would have another Volvo is if it was way undervalued (near free) so I could afford to chase all the gremlins. When possible, try to buy the best quality parts and look for lifetime warranties from places like FCP Euro. Although driveshafts I would likely buy locally.
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