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starter rotates but engine would not start

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Default starter rotates but engine would not start

I have a s80 2001. Recently I heard some buzzing sound and stopped the car. It is not starting since.
1. Gas was low and I added gas
2. Starter rotates, serpantine belt and timing belts rotate, but engine does not start
3. When car is on gas comes out through release nipple at fuel injectors rale.
4. I changed main relay for similar in starter circuit with no chanje
5. I checked all fuses
6. I replaced sparking plugs, and sparks can be seen when starter activated
7. When sparking plugs out and starter rotates engine no gas smels at sparkin plugs well (openings)
8. No cliks can be heard at fuel injectors with stetoscope
9. when connector is disconected from first fuel injector: a) first fule injector resistance is less then 0, while on my other working car V70 it is 0.2 om
b) On connector itself while key is on ione end to ground showes 10 volt and second end to ground instead of 0 showes 2.5 volt. When connected to bouth ends no pulsation from 0 to 10 observed. Intrestingly I was unable to observe pulsation on fuel injector connector voltage even on my working V70. Here I would get 0 on ground end and 10-12 on + end.
10. I rented CODE reder from AutoZone and it did not show any faulty codes. May be by time of mesurment my battary was down and all codes erased. Despite multiple attempts to start engine no new codes come on at repeat testing

From above it seems that problem is with fuel injector not allowing gas in combustive chamber. One post was stating that if any of fuel injectors has short circuit the computer will not give signal to all of them. It was recomended to disconnect all connectors from all fuel injectors and then connect one by one. If engine will start so computer and wiring are OK. After connecting connector to demaged fuel injector engin will not start.
Have not done this test yeat

My first question is: what I am doing wrong on my working V70 that I can not get pulsation of ommeter arrow when connecting to fuel injector connector. I tried connect between - and + ends, between - and battary + end, betveen + and ground, between - and ground?

Second question is: Are there any connector, diod, relay, part between negative end (ground) of fuel injector connector and computer (ECU) that could be malfunctioning.

3 rd question. Can be on s 80 2001 removed all fuel injector connectors without taking off upper part of intake manifold that covers fuel injectors?

4Th question- Can be in worth scenario ECU computer be removed and tested. car is at my yard. If I will take it to diller I am sure that they will recomend chage injectors, wires and computer, without detecting exact problem and focused repare

Any suggestions would be appreciated
Sincerely Sam
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Try to remove the fuel rail and crank it over and check for fuel coming out of the injectors.
Also I would get a noid light and plug it into the injector plug and check for pulse.
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Quick Reply: starter rotates but engine would not start

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