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Timing Belt Replacement

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Default Timing Belt Replacement

Where can I find instructions for a 2000 VolvoS80 timing Belt Replacement? My tensioner broke and I Have replaced it, I have a new timing belt and I want to know where the timing marks should be when I replace it. The other option is to direct me to a good service manual for this vehicle.

Thanks in advance for your help
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Default RE: Timing Belt Replacement

Well, only do such work if you are confident, because any error in synchronizing the camswith thecrank will be very costly (a friend of my did that on his Fiat Spyder when he decided to "save money" by replacing the timing belt himself ;-)).

Having said that, it's not actually complicated. I don't know this particular car, and there may be some absolute marks on the parts that you can use. Even if not (or if you can't find them) however, it's possible to do it without error. It's not the absolute positions of these parts that matters, it's the relative positions - what an engineer or scientist will call the "phase angle" between them.

This method relies on a requirement that the cams must both already be synchronized with the crank properly at the start - before you remove the belt locking them together. If that's true, then all you need to do is either not disturb them at all (may not be possible), or at least, know how to return them exactly to the orginal positions. The second possibility is not difficult, only requiring you to make two simple marks for each part to be sync'd - one pair for each cam, and one pair for the crank. Just be sure to use a good marker (like a grease pencil or even some paint), to make the lines thin enough to be accurately matched, but thick enough to read, and make them directly opposite one another. Make all marks prior to removing the belt, and line up all marks while installing the new belt - check them all twice to be sure after it's installed. As long as you do these things, it should be easy.

Please refer to the simple attached diagram that I made - a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Default RE: Timing Belt Replacement


Can somebody post a list of parts that should be replaced while replacing the timing belt; like idler pulley, tensioner pulley etc.??

A friend of mine who works on trucks is helping mereplace the timing belt as a precaution (81K miles on the car). Any DIYinstructions would be helpful along with a list of other parts to replace. An image is uploaded for reference to list the parts to be replaced.

Thanks in advance.

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Default RE: Timing Belt Replacement

When I got my timing belt replaced they also replaced the following:

Timing Belt
Idler pulley
Inspected water pump and other components in the area.

They did the thermostat because I had already spent the labor in them removing the belt so it cost me the price of the thermostat to get it replaced (no labor ). "tech" recommended replacing the water pump as a precaution, and so I had them inspect it and I was told by my mechanic that my water pump was in great shape.
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Default RE: Timing Belt Replacement

I am planning on replacing the following & the Dealer's price (D) and Online ( price (O) is given next to the part.

1. Timing Belt - (D) $59.72 - (O) $38.90
2. Timing Belt Tentioner - Damper - (D) $127.46 - (O) $109.90
3. Timing Belt Tentioner Pulley - (D) $112.25 - (O) $89.90
4. Idler Pulley - (D) $44.14 - (O) $39.90
5. Serpentine Belt - (D) $85.00 - (O) $36.90

Link for the website:

Is it advisable to buy these parts online for a total difference of $113? Can anyone provide some review on; is it a good website for reliable volvo parts?

As you guys suggested, I will inspect the water pump and thermostat.

Thank you very much.
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Default RE: Timing Belt Replacement

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Default RE: Timing Belt Replacement

Actually FCP Groton ( has cheaper parts than www.eeuroparts.comand
But I already ordered the parts from eEuroparts and will be delivered on next friday. I shall document my timing belt repairs and post it here with pictures.
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