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Grinding front wheel

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Default Grinding front wheel

Good evening all, this is my first post to the forum. I have researched this nagging issue to no end and have seen many possible causes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2013 XC60 T6, 48,000 miles with all service performed by Volvo dealer, still under warranty.

Car has developed an intermittent grinding / dry rubbing noise coming from the right front passenger side. The noise occurs when cold, warm and initially more pronounced when turning right. When this noise occurs I can feel it in the pedal and steering wheel. First trip to the dealer they could not reproduce the noise. I departed and not more than two miles from the dealer and the noise was once again present. Second trip to the dealer but this time in the rain. Service manager and I will drive this car until the noise appears. It took some time to reproduce which the manager attributed to the rain but he said it sounded like a bearing noise. Upon return the car was put on the the lift and diagnosed with a worn bevel gear. Trip three to the dealer for replacement. When I picked up the car the dealer said the front passenger tire is worn more than the others and needs to be replaced, probably from the bad bevel gear. Although unrelated it was also determined that the TCM module needs to be replaced. Once again not even two miles from the dealer and the noise returned. Now when the noise occurs it seems louder and now occurs when turning both right and left. Has anyone else experienced this issue and how was it resolved? Trip four to the dealer is tomorrow.
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My first impression is that the splash shield for the front brake rotor is bent and touching the rotor just a bit. See if you can detect the noise while spinning the wheel with it lifted off the ground.
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On any car, "grinding" noises would be two things: A bad bearing, or something scraping against a rotating part (which covers a lot of ground). The AWD bevel gear gives you an unusual number of options for failure. Arranged around the right front drive axle there are no less than 7 bearings, or 8 if you count the one inside the transmission.

Noises are hard to diagnose, even for smart people. Wheel bearings don't lend themselves at all to a stethoscope kind of inspection, because they get pretty quiet when the car is jacked up. You might be forced to put a wheel bearing on it just to "see if that fixes it" but I hate to fix anything that way. You've already had a bevel gear on that basis, "to see if that fixes it" but I imagine you weren't told that before the fact.
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Thanks for the replies. Verdict is in, dealer is replacing the final drive. I was hoping for less but at least my warranty covers it. More to come when itís replaced.
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Wow...that's insane to have a final drive problem on a 48k mile vehicle. I've had XC70s with 150+k plus miles with no issues. I wonder what's up?
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Okay, final drive replaced but did not resolve issue. Issue was then escalated to something called an FTS which triggered a Volvo rep to dealer. Both front wheel bearings replaced and the verdict is in, my XC is now smooth running. Not sure if it was related but the steering seems better now, more responsive. Could there by an XC40 in my future?
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sometimes its hard for a tech to figure out which bearing is bad - but my experience if one goes, the other is not far behind... but 48K miles is very rare for a wheel bearing to fail. I assume that your got a four wheel alignment as part of the repair - which is most likely the reason the steering seems more responsive.
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